Spirit Lead Me: 2 Simple Steps For Seeking The Holy Spirit

Spirit Lead Me is a Guest Post Written by Gloria Sutherland

Our lives right now are filled with many distractions that take up so much time in the day.

The pandemic has really turned so many aspects of our lives inside out. Daily life was already difficult as is but now we are required to take our masks with us everywhere and for some, make the choice to get vaccinated. Whether it be work, school, family, or any social aspect it has become more difficult as a Christian, but especially as a Christian woman to find time to nurture your sense of well being and then also find time for God.

Through this reading, I would like to encourage you, wherever you are right now to seek direction through the Holy Spirit and allow the Spirit to lead you.

Spirit Lead Me

Historically and even Biblically, women were assigned the gender role of ‘the nurturer’ which in itself is not so bad. I mean it does take strength and courage to get up everyday and take care of the needs of those around you. For some this could be in a job like nursing or childcare. For others it might mean being a primary care giver or a stay-at-home mother.

The problem that arises for us then is, finding personalized help when we’ve taken care of everyone else – but not ourselves.

Having five minutes to put on lipstick or put your hair in a ponytail begins to feel like a luxury after a day of picking up Legos or answering phone calls.

Some of the negative effects of this constant stress and pressure with no self-care can be: lowered self-esteem, anxiety or even depression, inability to function without stimulus, lack of memory capacity and loss of interest due to exhaustion.

So, what is the modern-day Christian (woman) to do?

As women are we to simply accept this fate and carry out each day with a forced smile?

My response to that is (a stern but humble) no!

Do not confirm to the stress of this global pandemic.

Do not conform to the pressure surrounding all the extra unnecessary things now required for us to even get into a department store. And that isn’t just my opinion, it’s not God’s will.

We are made to worship Him and He delights in us spending time with Him and knowing His Word. As read in Genesis 2:18, God made the woman as a help meet for man, but we must also take care of ourselves in order to better reach that goal of helping others.

2 Simple Steps for Seeking the Holy Spirit

I encourage you today to take five minutes and believe it or not that is all the time you are going to need to start your journey.

1.) Meet With Jesus

Grab a piece of paper, pen ( or pencil), bring your coffee with you. If you’re currently holding a toddler and reading this, it’s okay this is a one hander. All you need to do is get to that place. It doesn’t have to be perfect just show up with a heart willing to meet God. Once you’ve gotten to that place, write down two things that you feel are blocking you from being your best self, and then write down three things that are hindering you from spending time with God.

Proverbs 29:18 states that where there is no vision a people perish so I encourage you today to take note of whatever is blocking you personally from being a better version of yourself and developing a deeper relationship with God.

2.) Pray “Spirit Lead Me”

Now that you’ve identified five problem areas in your current walk of faith, pray.

Pray that the Holy Spirit Leads you to deliverance.

Pray that God would open you eyes to what you must do in your personal circumstance.

For someone today that may be as simple as not having that coffee every morning (which is harder than you think.) For others it may be taking the hard step in deciding to end communication with certain people.

This final step is highly personal and only you and God can work this out. But I know that by taking this step of faith today, you will be empowered through Christ and begin to enjoy spending time with God coupled with indulgence in taking care of yourself.

Stay Blessed!

About the Author

Gloria is an Author and Founder of Amani Upendo Wellness Coaching. She is on a journey with like-minded believers who are ready to get on the path to total wellness through biblically sound practices and adaptions to their everyday life. 

Connect with her on YouTube here.

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