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Overcoming Low Self-esteem Through The Vista Of God’s Lens

Overcoming Low Self-esteem Through The Vista Of God’s Lens by Candid Guest, Happiness Hassan

I was one of those many women who used their weaknesses as an excuse to remain in their comfort zone. Unknowing to me, the more attention I gave to my weaknesses, the more it damaged my self-esteem.

Little was I aware that I had succeeded in making the soil of my life fertile for the lies of the adversary. “You are not good enough; you are a failure, and you don’t belong.” Those were the words that kept ringing in my mind each time I attempted to break forth from my past mistakes. I believed those lies, and this pattern continued for a long time until my entire self-esteem was shattered.

No second went by without a negative self-thought. I felt less of myself because of my weaknesses. I couldn’t forgive myself for every little mistake I committed. I became anti-social due to fear of rejection. Hence, I never tried anything new, although I struggled in overcoming low self-esteem. But to no avail!

My heart was filled with fear, intimidated by everything and everyone. I was heading towards depression when I bumped into a man.

My encounter with this Man erased all forms of fear and intimidation. This Man opened me up to a different side of Him I never thought about for years.

Not just any Man! But that Man was Jesus Christ.

How We See Ourselves.

The fall of mankind had exposed all our weaknesses. This fall fractured the accurate lens for viewing ourselves. Therefore, it has been an endless battle in overcoming low self-esteem.

We now judge ourselves based on the wrong images projected by our fractured lens. Our real identity was misplaced.

Being a vibrant Christian does not exempt us from the bondage of low self-esteem. Share on X

All we now see are our flaws, insufficiency, and mistakes. That’s why it seems as though all our efforts in overcoming low self-esteem are fruitless. However, through the years of my struggle to victory, I came to realize that low self-esteem kills like a virus. It starts small from one aspect of our lives and spreads into other aspects. Without being cured, it damages the whole body system.

Similarly, being a vibrant Christian does not exempt us from the bondage of low self-esteem. Instead, it’s a thoughtful insight into the way God sees us that makes the difference. We sometimes ask ourselves what we could be doing wrong.

You feel like no one understands—but I do! I had worn those pairs of shoes years back. How you think less of yourself, you go to church, pray and look like you have your entire life together—but deep within you all you feel is fear and rejection.

All you see is a woman yearning to be set free from the bondage of secret deficiencies. You move around with lots of unanswered questions about life and God. Nonetheless, you’re not alone — back at those times of my struggle, I had questioned my faith down to the extent of backsliding.

However, amidst this, my heart and spirit got opened to an insight that forever changed my life.

How God Sees Us

There is a vast contrast between how God intended us to live our lives and the way we are currently living. It was a cold Saturday morning, and I’d just finished doing the dishes. While I prepared breakfast, I reached out for the mug in the upper cupboard. There, I saw an attached sticky note on it that read: You’re unique and made for so much more!

Those words weren’t ordinary words but a stroke to my heart. It got me meditating on what it meant and who would have dropped it there. Could it be my mom, I wondered?

I became drowned in those thoughts even after fixing breakfast. Unconsciously, my spirit opened up into another dimension of the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus gave me an insight needed to augment my Christian Life.

I found out that I had been viewing my life from a fractured lens, and its portraying default images of who I’m meant to be. In contrast, I need to view my life from the vista of God’s lens. That insight made a remarkable difference!

As women, God wants us to see ourselves through His lens and no other. Through God’s lens, we can see beyond our weaknesses and fear into our real identity.

Overcoming low self-esteem comes from insight into your true identity.

Looking through God’s lens brings us into the realization of our royal lineage. Our heavenly Father is the Kings of Kings. This implies that we are daughters of the king. Hence, there is absolutely nothing to hold us back.

We have missed out on the real thing, believing the limiting lies of the adversary. However, we are unique and created for so much more. When God sees us, He sees a peculiar woman with the ability to influence her world for His glory.

God never gave us the spirit of fear, instead sound mind and power to show forth His praises.

What matters most is how God sees us. He cares so much for us and hates to see us tied by low self-esteem. Having this insight empowers us to focus more on how God sees us while surrendering our weaknesses into His hands for help.

Whenever I think less of myself, I quickly pick up God’s lens to have a clearer view of my identity. My true identity was stamped permanently on my heart, and this change ignited my self-esteem.

You too, can get hold of God’s lens and get a glimpse into your true identity.

Whenever you think less of yourself, pick up God’s lens to have a clearer view of your identity. Share on X

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Happiness Hassan is a Christian blogger, who is obsessed with a godly lifestyle. She loves to share her struggles and experience in her faith to encourage other women. She desires to see women live above earthly limitations and come into the realization of their true identity in Christ. Oftentimes she writes about self-development, parenting, and family from a Christian perspective. Happiness believes a healthy relationship between parents and their kids can make our world a better place.

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