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3 Key Questions You Need To Ask When Anxiety Strikes

I struggle with anxiety.

Sometimes it’s taken hold of my life and run things. Blatantly run things. I’ve had relationships that were damaged because of my anxiety. Being anxious about things meant that I was hyper-sensitive to their comments, and overreacted to their interactions with me, causing me to become belligerent… all because I was anxious about the relationship itself or the circumstances surrounding both of us at the time.

Let me rephrase that… the problem wasn’t that I felt anxiety. The problem was that I typically gave in to anxiety. I dwelt in it.

I cannot say that I never feel anxiety now. I can only say that I’ve learned a few things about how to break the cycle of dwelling in that anxiety.

First it took acknowledging that I could be a Christian and still be having feelings of worry and fear that take over my mind to the point that I could not sleep at night. Some days I could not function like I needed to.

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None of this meant I wasn’t saved by the blood of Jesus, redeemed through His death on the cross. It meant I have a specific issue that I deal with on a regular basis, just like other people do. Once I was able to face this fact, I was able to find tools to help me work through these moments.

3 Questions to ask when anxiety strikes

3 Key Questions for When Anxiety Strikes

When I have moments of anxiety, and that temptation comes to dwell there for a little while, I’ve learned some key questions to help me take a step back and look at the reality of my situation.

First, did I live?

Did I survive the last time I was worried about this? Did the worst thing possible ever actually happen? Honestly, the worst case scenario has rarely ever happened when I’ve been riddled with anxiety, and even in those cases, something good came of it in the end. So was my anxiety worth the energy it took?

Second question to ask myself, does it matter?

Is this something that anyone will care about in five years? Will it impact me or someone else in a way that matters for eternity? Is this monumental enough to keep me awake at night?

Third question, do I have a solution?

Am I going to accomplish anything by hashing this out in my mind over and over again? Will my imaginings help to solve the problem? In truth, sometimes thinking about a problem really is one way to come to a solution, but not always. So I need to evaluate the issue in this light as well. Am I realistically able to think through this and come up with an acceptable solution?

Truth Be Told…

I’m in no way perfect, and I won’t say that I’ve overcome anxiety. It’s still something I have to consciously deal with – sometimes daily.

Proverbs 24:16a of the Bible says, “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again:” The struggle isn’t the problem. Even messing up again isn’t the problem. The problem comes between me and God when I stay down, and choose to dwell in my anxiety.

I have to remember there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. I can see it. I can see Him. Jesus is that Light.

Remembering that Jesus is the answer does not mean I won’t have anxious moments. It does mean He’s there holding my hand. Isn’t that one of the greatest comforts in life ever? That while I may be walking through a dark valley, there’s someone greater than myself willing to stoop down and hold my hand through it.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you sound so much like me!! I have dealt with anxiety since I was a teen. I am not saying this is what you need, but I did end up using medication, which has helped a great deal. I have also constantly worked on my relationship with Jesus Christ. I don’t know what I would do without Him. I don’t know how anyone can go day to day without Christ and not be anxious! I will be praying for you, and put you in my prayer journal. God bless you. Jan

    1. Thank you Janene. 🙂
      I think sometimes medication can be a very useful tool. I’m glad it helped you. I’ll be praying for you as well. It’s good to meet you.

  2. Whenever there is nothing I can do about a situation, I can’t dwell in anxiety because it’s out of my hands. Knowing God will bring good from the situation helps. And I ask Jesus if there is truly anything I can do to make the situation better.

    1. Amen, that can be so hard to remember in the middle of something, but that’s why we have to practice before anxiety comes.

  3. I love this message because whether it is anxiety, guilt, shame, fear, or anything else. I agree it is dwelling in it is a problem. Many times we can take a thought captive, but it is allowing the problem to manifest itself within us that causes us the most trouble. The good news is Jesus never loves us any less because we struggle or more because we don’t struggle. Thank You for sharing!

    1. Amen, and that’s what I was trying to get across. That Jesus loves us whether or not we have a struggle. 🙂

  4. Boy can I ever relate to this! This is so practical and so beautiful. The part about Jesus holding my hand reminds me of the song In The Garden. I needed these words this week because I’m fighting a big anxiety inducer- successfully so far, but I’ve got all week to sit in limbo. I’m so grateful for your post

    1. Thank you for sharing, Valerie! I’ll be praying for you. I know those sit-and-wait times can be the worst. It’s what we imagine that really gets us more than most other things.

  5. What a wonderful distinction to be able to make – the difference between feeling anxiety, and giving in to anxiety. I tend to be a worrier until I remember to trust in God.

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