Handling the new normal

Handling the Upside Down New Normal

Life sure has taken a change, a turn, a fall and just plain ole crazy. 

I know that we all never thought our lives would be quarantined, locked down, no school, no movies, no fun, no travel, no vacation, masks and riots with looting.

What happened?

That may be a question that’s too loaded to answer. So, here is another question…  

What do I do with all this–what do we do with all this–and what do we do with our feelings about everything that’s happening?  

The Upside Down New Normal

Life is unpredictable. Life is scary.

Life is wonderful. Life is short.

During this season of pandemic we have all had to stop and question our lives. We had to take a long look at what we are doing and why we are doing it.  

I’m sure you never imagined you’d be restricted in such a way, and certainly not the entire world. Wow! Think about that statement. The “entire” world was restricted for months.  

Our New Emotional Normal

That surely brings up a lot of feelings and emotions. Frankly, I didn’t do so well with the emotions I was feeling. I literally felt panicked at times, depressed, angry, and confused. Not to mention scared.  

You may still be feeling all that and more.

So, what do we do? What do you do?

6 Ways to Handle the Upside Down New Normal

I’d like to share what I’m learning about how to navigate this unpredictable road. We need to adapt because the “new normal” we all are facing will surely take us for loops and spins on a daily basis. Life is not like we knew it anymore. We are facing challenges daily in all areas of life.

Nothing is the same. Nothing will ever be the same again. I think we all are forever changed. Yes, things seem upside down. But, you can do something positive. You can do the right things.  

Even when life seems upside down, you can still to the right things. Share on X

What do we all do?

If that question is too broad, then try this: What can I do?  

1.) Love God

Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Love Him and no other. Pour out of your heart all your love to His person and lavish on Him your time, energy and emotions.  

2.) Love Your Family

Many of you are not near your family. Write them. Yes, write. Call them. Check on your family. Do not let another day go by that you do not check on their welfare. You never know when the last time will be. Love on them. Show some kindness. They are truly all you have even if they do not think so. 

3.) Love Mankind

Love your fellow man. Smile at a stranger. Check in on your neighbor. Talk to them. Take them dinner. Ask if they need anything.  

6 ways to handle the new normal...
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4.) Love Yourself

Do a self-assessment. Are you loving who you are? When life gets back to some sense of normal, you will be left with you. You will pick up where you left off or at a better place. Love yourself and who you are during this season. You are the same person. Do not let life’s hard time set you back.

5.) Love Your Enemy

Do not let the current situations cause you to hate your enemy. No matter who they are. Love those that are struggling like you and acting out. Love the one that doesn’t care about you. Love them til they can’t stand to not be loved.  

6.) Look Forward to Another New Normal

This new normal will soon be over. We as a world will be on to a another new normal.

Until then—Focus. Sing. Eat. Cry. Dance.

But most of all… be the answer for someone else as much as you can.

Be the love of Jesus.  

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How can you be love in the midst of our new normal? Have you seen examples of others being love?

How can you be the love of Jesus in the midst of our new normal? Share on X

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