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Do you ever feel that you’re not enough? Have you ever felt inadequate?

I’m 4’9”, so I’m not tall enough. I can’t draw, so I’m not creative. I can’t cook, so I’m not a talented wife. I have memory and cognitive issues, so I’m not smart. I’m an introvert, so I’m not social or outgoing.

Basically, I’m a misfit, defined by what I’m not.

But God….  (my favorite phrase in the English language)

Defined by What You’re Not

It took me a long time to understand who I am in Christ. It took even longer to learn what I can do through Christ. So I loved Michele Morin’s post You Are NOT what You are Not.

There is beauty in the purity of simplicity. I love Michele’s writing because she can summarize profound ideas in one sentence. This is exactly what she did in You are NOT What You Are Not.

If you are looking for a blessing, spend some time right now pondering your own “I once was lost but now am found” backstory. – Michele Morin Click To Tweet

Do you define yourself by what you’re not?

What “nots” have you used to define yourself? It’s time to throw away the negatives and define yourself as fearfully and wonderfully made, chosen, designed for a purpose, a child of the One True King. 

You. Are. His.

It’s always a pleasure at Living Our Days on Today is no different, so head on over there for a new look in the mirror.

Grace and truth for what you're not...

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You Are NOT What You Are Not

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