Growing my trust in God - when life was beyond my control

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  1. There have been too many circumstances to name, but it has been incredible how God has always come through. One for me would have to be finances. The Lord has called us to step out and step up in our giving, and we have had to trust Him, knowing that without Him, we would sink.

  2. We have to God trust at all times and his praise should continually be in our mouths. His promises are “YES & AMEN!” The Lord wants us to step out of our comfort zones and allow him to blow our minds with the things he will do in our lives.

  3. Heather- that sounds so scary! Bad weather and driving is a huge source of anxiety!

    Last winter I had anxiety-induced insomnia. I didn’t sleep for 2 nights and couldn’t even fall asleep, I had been through this one time before. I knew God would help me through it and He did. I’ve learned so much about trust and faith in my most anxious moments!

  4. My husband has a nervous twitch as well, he has it as long as he can remember. He looks at it as an outlet for stress rather than letting the stress out on other people. He would rather shake his head twitching than to take it out on other people. He goes to God’s word and grows closer to me and takes it day by day. I can personally cant relate to your story I have anxiety and worry the worst and catch myself often overthinking way too much. It’s in these times I go to the Lord immediately in prayer and start reading my bible. It drives me closer to Him and makes me realize that I can’t do or handle it on my own. I need my Saviour.

    1. Oh Stephanie, while these moments have helped me grow my trust in God, I still struggle with anxiety and worry. I’m no where near perfect, and I definitely need me Savior.

  5. I was just discussing this with my daughter last night – sometimes we go through things because we can. We can be the change. We can be the testimony.

  6. The Lord definitely wants us to lean into Him when we are overcome by fear. I appreciate that you shared you prayed all the way up the mountain. I think being honest about where we are with God is super important. He sees our hearts and know we are clinging to him.

  7. I love the ability to look back at past situations and see how God orchestrated events to bring glory to Him and use me. Being reminding of those past times helps me to stay trusting and faithful during present trials.

  8. Heather, I have been in those snow storms, and they are scary. I remember one night seeing quite a few cars off the side of the road while I made my way home. (No, I didn’t just drive by they had help.) Yes, God is in control, and we must remember that at all times.

    Like you I have grown to trust God through all things. If life were easy I know, I would never have developed my trust and faith in him. I thought I was close to God but had no idea the depth of a relationship I could have. When my children became will with mental illness I knew I couldn’t do it alone. God became my very best friend.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post on Grace and Truth. I look forward to reading more posts from you. I am sharing on Tailwind.

    1. “I thought I was close to God but had no idea the depth of a relationship I could have.” I can so relate to that statement, Maree Dee! I love that God is always drawing us closer to Him. Thanks for stopping in.

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