Surviving your wilderness - 6 Faith-Filled Survival Tips

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  1. These are great reminders for trudging through the spiritual wilderness! I know I can let my imagination run wild if I don’t reign it in. I then can try to start taking matters into my own hands. I love #3-6! So very important!

  2. Such a great encouragement and practical tools for journeying through the wilderness. One thing I have to remind myself is that it’s not permanent, it’s merely a journey and will be over soon.

  3. “Build a fire” really stuck out to me. We should always be so focused on God, especially in the wilderness. I agree that if we keep our fire burning that we will get through such a tough time. Passion will send you to your true purpose!

  4. I love #4, build a fire, the best! Our wildernesses threaten our faith, and yet they can be such a faith booster because we get to experience God in a way we perhaps never expected. We tend to want to rush through our wildernesses. But if we use them to press into the Lord, we can come away victorious!

  5. Great tips when you’re going through a hard season! I think the “do not panic” is especially helpful to me. I tend to think the worse, but I need to trust God is in control!

  6. The hardest thing for me to do is to stay and wait on God’s timing. I keep going trusting that God will get us through, but at the same time I wait on his timing instead of mine to make the deliverance happen.

  7. I love this Stephanie! #5 is my favorite! Water does sustain, even in the absence of food. This has been so true in my spiritual life as well. I may be dry, but when I seek God with my whole being, I feel like I’m drowning in the Holy Spirit. <3

  8. You’ve excellent points, Stephanie. When I went through one of my periods of wilderness, I kept thinking that God did not care enough about me to help me out. It took a long time, but once I realized what He was during this time, I was able to work through the wilderness in a healthy way.
    Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.

    1. Awww Aimee God is always with us and yes we do think God left us in our wilderness. Makes us wonder what Jesus thought about his experience. Im sure he didn’t think God left Him. Glad you realized our loving Father never left you. Be blessed.

  9. Hey Nigel, Stephanie gave several examples in her post. She wrote, “Maybe you need to start a hobby, help others, give out of your need, pray with others, journal, read the Word of God more by starting a Bible reading plan.” I hope that helps.

  10. Hey Nigel,

    I have been trying to reply to your post but it wouldn’t let me for some odd reason. But yes as Heather said I put in the article ways to nourish yourself. There are so many ways. Basically it is just simply doing what you love in the stress moments or times when you feel God is not there. IT may not even be something religious… just very ordinary thing you love to do. God is in the details of everything. Enjoy your day be blessed.

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