Are You Seeking God? Discover The Great "I AM"

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  1. I love Mary Magdalene! I’m actually in the process of writing my proposal for a book I wrote about her! I definitely connect with her emotional frustrations, and I’ve learned how my emotions can blind me from seeing God. Love this article!

    1. Hi Emily, One of my all-time favorite books was written about Mary Magdalene. I agree that her weaknesses certainly help a lot of people relate to her, so a lot of people find hope in her story. If Jesus had such fondness for a woman who’d been possessed by seven demons, I think that gives us all hope that we are loveable, too. I really hope you will contact me when your book is published! Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. I love how you make these stories an people come to life. We too often think that people in the Bible were different from us but they had all the same failings we do!

    1. Thank you, Alice. I appreciate it. I absolutely love Biblical fiction for the same reason. I take it for what it is- fiction- but it makes the characters of the Bible come to life. The more I imagine their world, the more I realize they are all just like us. It helps me see the incredible relevance of the Bible today.

    1. Hi Julie. I’m glad you were comforted by the reminder of the names of God. I find that no matter what I need that day, God has a name to assure me that He can meet my need. It’s really so simple if only we can remember to always go to Him first.

  3. I love the names of God! They all say so much. And I love that there are no other Gods! There can be no confusion, and no competition. It is so comforting to know! Thanks for this compelling post.

  4. Whom are you seeking is such an important piece. I believe many don’t even realize their own bitterness and/or struggles prevent them from seeking after Christ.

    1. Thank you, Heather. I think many of us are here on this site because we need regular reminders that we can’t let our struggles prevent us from seeking after Christ. I shudder to think of the years I wasted floundering in my own strength.

    1. Thank you, Melissa! I know I was a bit naughty on that piece, but I hope that a little grain of conviction now will be the reminder someone may need to go to Christ first when a problem arises. Plus I have to hold myself accountable, too. Writers better practice what they preach, right…?

  5. I’ve been learning the names of God and pouring over how he interacted with those in the Bible. My heart gets filled with more hope every time I realize that person is human just like me and God is unchanging!

  6. Valerie, I love how we can do a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ about God’s character. Because that is who He is. There aren’t any limitations. Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.

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