Our Top Posts from 2021

2021 has flown by. Between chronic migraines and Covid, I haven’t blogged much this year. But the Candid Gals have written some pretty amazing posts. Here are our top posts from 2021.

6 Bible Verse About God’s Love

Heather Hart shares six Bible verses about God’s love in this post. God’s love for us changes everything. We are the bride of Christ.

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A Scripture to Trust God When You’re Afraid

Do you struggle with fear? Do you avoid certain situations because of those fears? If so, you are not alone. Join Sheila in this Candid Moment to discover which Scripture she leans on when she’s afraid.

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Dreams Don’t Always Go As Planned

Sherry Chamblee

In writing, and in real life, reality doesn’t always line up with our dreams. Candid Gal Sherry Chamblee offers encouragement for how to respond when reality takes over and changes your dreams.

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An Open Letter to the Guy Who Stole My Car

Learn about Jessica’s stolen car and the way the experience has rippled through her life. An open letter written by Jessica Schneider to the guy who stole her car.

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4 Powerful Prayers for Unity

Jaime Hampton is on our blog talking about prayer. She brought up that Satan is working overtime to stir up bitterness and division. But she isn’t leaving us feeling frustrated, instead, she’s offering four prayers to pray for unity.

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Hopes, Dreams, & Jesus

Laura Marshall
Laura Marshall

Isa dreamed of blissful contentment with the perfect man. But does such a man exist? And is this the love she really needs? Join Laura Marshall for Hopes, Dreams, and Jesus.

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Reconcile Like Jesus

Sarah Callen
Sarah J Callen

In a world that is divisive and always looking for ways to tear each other apart, what if we, as children of God, dared to live differently? Find out what Jesus says about reconciliation in this Candid Moment by Sarah Callan.

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Forgotten Prayers

Have you ever told someone you would pray for them and promptly forgot, later only to be reminded too late? Mariel Davenport has. Hear more in this Candid Moment for when you just need a little bit of Jesus.

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Rise Up

Stephanie Carter

By the end of 2020, Candid Gal Stephanie Carter was worn out, but she decided it was time to rise up. If this is you and you feel worn out, rise up warrior. Rise up. You got this.

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Life is Hard, But God is Still Good

Valerie Riese

Candidly Christian founder Heather Hart has been in the hospital fighting Covid for almost 3 weeks. We don’t know what lies ahead, but one thing we do know…

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What Was Your Favorite Post?

Did you have a favorite post out of the ones above, or another one we have written? We would love to hear from you! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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