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Rise Up – Even When The End Isn’t In Sight – Rise Up

Sometimes you just have to be a warrior instead of a worrier.

That statement has never been more true than now and more true for me this year than in 2020.

I don’t know about you but I was glad to see 2020 go and enter into something new. At least that was the hope.

I think we all did enough worrying in the past recent months to last a lifetime. I was met with challenges and loss that upended my goals and focus.

Where’s Your Focus?

What have you been so focused on, but it met daily resistance?

We have disappointments in our lives that take us by surprise. Last year was my year to branch out from myself and travel. I was going to take a few trips and recover from divorce. I was gonna take a step of faith and do some things on my bucket list. I had planned to write two more books, blog, and keep up with my mailing list…

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How about you? What were your plans?

For the most part, it didn’t matter what your goals were in 2020, life happened.

The world changed.

2020 will be a year that we all will never forget. So much so that we don’t even need to name what happened in that year. We all know.

If this is you and you feel worn out, rise up warrior. Rise up. You got this.

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Goals Gone Bad

So, what did I do with my year?

I worried.

I didn’t mean to worry. I tried not to. I worked but not on the things I planned to do. I couldn’t focus consistently. As an author, I couldn’t find my writing groove. My mind was more on worrying about not catching that virus. I worried about things like: being with friends, going to church, going to the store, going to the doctor, what if my kids got sick, what if I got sick and died alone in a hospital, will we all have a future, is that sniffle something more, will I die like my two friends from the virus, etc.

It was rough and unending….

But by the end of the year, I had had enough! It was time to fight back. Time to be the warrior that I knew I was. It was time to put on my warrior clothes and fight for mind and creativity.

Are You Ready To Rise Up?

What are you fighting for? What warrior clothes do you need to go wash in the blood of Jesus and put back on?

Put your love back on, put your fearlessness on, put on your joy and put on your prayer time.

Sometimes, the warrior in us gets tired, lost, forgetful, worn out, and doubts. Because our God is so good to us and plentiful in mercy, we can go to Him and start over.

You can go to Him and get a refreshing.

Sometimes the warrior in us gets tired... when that happens, lean into Jesus and rise up.

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My new year came with a new focus and a new set of eyes. My heart became refreshed and my creativity reborn. The warrior arose again. The sword was taken to the fear and my dreams came flooding back.

If this is you and you feel worn out, rise up warrior. Rise up. You got this.

Last year was rough, and if you're cautiously looking at 2021, Stephanie encourages you to rise up. Share on X

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  1. Amen to all of this! 2021 continues to bring it’s own challenges to add to our need to go to the One who sees us, hears us, and wants rest, refreshment, and His love to guide us. Rise up and receive it!

  2. I love this line: Put your love back on, put your fearlessness on, put on your joy and put on your prayer time. If you asked me a minute ago if I’d worried a lot last year, I probably would have said no. But in reading your post, I can see all the ways worry plagued me. Here’s to rising up in 2021.

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