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Grace & Truth For When The Hurt Is Just Too Painful

I’ve been struggling with a lot of built-up hurt and resentment. So many years and experiences lost because of circumstances and other’s control over me when I was too vulnerable to stand up for myself. I need to let go, to move on, but the loss is so great; the hurt is just too painful to process.

I silently hold in the tears with prayer until the dam breaks and I yell and sob until I shake and gasp. I rant and I rave and I unload until the meds kick in. And then I’m okay until next week, anyway. 

This is where I was when I read these words last week: 

So many memories tucked away deep inside have left me feeling unloved and unwanted, making many days seem like a battle to make out God’s declaration that I am indeed wanted.

Do you have an unspeakable hurt? A mourning, a loss you just can’t wrap your brain around? 

I bet you do.   

3 ways to deal with your deepest hurts

When The Hurt Is Just Too Painful

Regina speaks her heart, my heart, and probably yours, and then she asks a question: 
So, how should we deal with the pain brought on by circumstances, other people’s actions, or even ourselves?

Then she offers 3 ways to deal with our deepest hurts. I needed her reminder last week, and I need it again tonight. If you’re struggling with overwhelming hurt today, join me at Call Me Regina for direction, comfort, and prayer, all wrapped up in a hug. 

When the Hurt is too Painful

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When the Hurt is too Painful

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