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Our Favorite Grace & Truth Posts from 2019

Heather and I thought it would be fun to end 2019 with round-up of our favorite Grace & Truth posts from the year. The criteria for making this list varies. Heather picked three and I picked the rest. This list includes posts with the most comments, a favorite from each of us, and I picked one just because Heather said I can do whatever I want! I think we’ve put together a beautiful collection, and we hope you enjoy it!

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1.) Grace and Truth and Quiet Courage

What do you think of when you hear the word “courage”? Do you imagine a decorated veteran or a boisterous superhero?  Our own Candid Gal Laura Rath suggests that courage is not always so showy.

As I read Laura’s post, I remembered the quiet courage of my fellow Candid Gals. Stephanie held on to God’s promises no matter how bad it looked. Jessica walked away from a decade of hard work and dreams to honor a promise to a friend. Heather continues to point readers to Jesus despite unrelenting pain.

The truth is that His grace gives all of us just enough courage for each day. I invite you to remember your quiet heroes of 2019 as you read Laura’s post.

2.) Grace and Truth for Your Quiet Time

Last year I tried to turn the unfinished area of our basement into a prayer closet. I went downstairs, started cleaning, saw a spider, and that was it. No prayer closet for me.

Our Favorite Grace & Truth Posts From 2019

If only I’d read Grace & Truth for Your Quiet Time and Sarah Geringer’s post 7 Unconventional Prayer Closets.  Apparently you don’t need a corkboard full of colored sticky notes and a shelf full of prayer books, or even a door! The truth is that His Grace isn’t limited to fancy spaces. If you also take the term “prayer closet” a little too literally, then head on over to Grace & Truth for Your Quiet Time. I bet you have many prayer closets you’re just not using!

3.) Grace and Truth and The God Who Sees Me

The first name of God revealed in the Bible is a promise that you are never alone. El Roi – the God who sees me. God revealed this side of Himself to Hagar when she ran away from bad circumstances she did nothing to create. She met an angel of the Lord in the wilderness, where she learned that God is always there for her.

As I struggled to accept my cancer diagnosis, I eventually learned what Janet discovered in a Bible Study. As we submit to His truth, He gives us the grace to pull through our circumstances. Read What a Beautiful Name it is El Roi to learn more.

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4.) Grace and Truth After an Abortion as a Christian Woman

Jana shared Lee-Ann’s candid testimony in Hope and Healing After Abortion. Lee-Ann said “There is a belief that, when we are saved by Christ, all our hurt, pain, and trauma goes away. The truth is that when we are saved by His grace, we have salvation and will spend eternity with Him. But our hurts still need to be addressed”.

Dear sisters, no matter what part of your past haunts you, you’ll find hope in a God who loves you as you read Lee-Ann’s story.

5.) Grace & Truth and Knowing Your Worth

As I write this Grace & Truth round-up, I am still reeling from the results of my neuro-psychiatric testing two weeks ago. This past week has been extra hectic in my house, which makes my memory and cognitive issues worse. Both my husband and my manager suffered for my mistakes, and I feel ashamed. 

We all devalue ourselves for our faults and mistakes according to the world’s measuring stick. But the truth is that by God’s grace, we are perfect in His eyes.

Debbie’s post, “How Do You Measure Your Worth?” was the perfect reminder for me. She offered 3 Ways to Know Your Worth to help you line up your beliefs about yourself with God’s. Are you beating yourself up today? Then click over to Debbie’s post for a bit of truth and peace.

6.) Just Give Me Jesus, Grace & Truth

Christmas is busy. The New Year is busy. Even when I ache for Jesus, it’s hard to find the time. But the truth is, we need to lean on God’s grace every single day.

I love Christine’s post “16 Ways to fit more Bible into your day” because it’s practical and you can implement her suggestions in as much time as it takes you to change the background on your smartphone. 

Are you debating about your 2020 New Year’s resolutions? Click over to 16 Ways to Fit More Bible Into Your Day for a few ideas that can easily last through March!

7.) Let’s Be Honest About Our Prayer Life… and the Grace & Truth Link-Up

What really happens when you promise to pray for someone? What does your prayer life look like? No matter how hard I try to pray like I should, I feel awful about my weak prayer life.

In Carlie’s post, When You’re Guilty of Being A Prayer Procrastinator, she revealed the truth that we have God’s grace, His Holy Spirit praying with us. He turns even our weakest prayers into a sweet aroma, pleasing to our Creator.

If you also feel heavy about your prayer life (which is pretty much all of us), then visit When You’re Guilty of Being A Prayer Procrastinator to find peace in your prayer time.

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  1. This post makes me cry no matter how many times I read it. It’s been a year hasn’t it? So thankful for each of the women who link up with us; sharing their hearts, lives, and wisdom.

    1. It certainly has been a year! I’ve walked through nightmares and lived dreams come true in the past year. And to the women who have liked up with us – you’ll never know how much you’ve shared with me and carried me through. Grace & Truth is truly so special because of the writers and readers who participate.

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