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Top Candid Posts From 2019

We’re thrilled to share our top Candid posts from 2019! We’ve had so many encouraging posts this year, all of them written by talented authors who love Jesus. To give each Candid Gal a chance to shine, we’re featuring the post with the most shares for each author. The posts are arranged in alphabetical order by first name.

Every time you share a post, you help us shine the spotlight on Jesus. Every Candid Gal writes from her heart, but without you, our message is muzzled. Thank you for sharing our message of Jesus’ love. 

I hope you enjoy our special round-up of the best of Candidly Christian 2019!

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3 Things To Remember When You Are Faced With Memory Loss

By Heather Hart

In 2019, Heather came face-to-face with the reality of memory loss, but there are three things she will never forget…

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3 Lessons In Trusting God (even when you cannot see)

By Jaime Hampton

In a previous blog post, Jaime told the story of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that shook Alaska (and to some extent, her faith). In this post, she shares three lessons she learned about trusting God even when she felt like she was in the dark and could not see.

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5 Truths to Remember When Facing Accusation and Shame

Jessica Lyn Schnieder

By Jessica Schneider

Jessica has a confession to make. But instead of heaping on the self-condemnation and living in shame, she’s looking to Jesus and sharing how you can, too.

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Learning How To Love Because It’s Worth It…

Laura Marshall

By Laura Marshall

You’re doing it wrong. You have no idea how to love. You watch the movies, read the romances. Have been on this earth for a few decades, yet you have no clue how to love?

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The Process of Learning to Trust God

Laura Rath

By Laura Rath

God always has a plan… but sometimes we panic anyways. That’s where Laura was a few years back. She had to go through the process of learning to trust God, and in this post, she shares three lessons she learned along the way.

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Do You Ever Feel Uncomfortable With Emotions?

Sarah Callen

By Sarah Callen

In this post, Sarah Callen is talking about getting uncomfortable with emotions. She shares her story and some encouragement for others.

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Confessions of a Self-Centered Prayer

By Sheila Schweiger-Rhodes

In this post, Sheila gets candid about prayer. But not just that, she shares five facts that can help you put your prayer life on solid ground.

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When Your Life Is Blessed & Stressed

Sherry Chamblee

By Sherry Chamblee

Have you ever felt like your life was both blessed and stressed? If so, you’re not alone. Read Sherry’s post to hear her side of the story…

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3 Important Things God Wants You To Know

By Stephanie Carter

Life is hard, and worry is a common struggle many of us face. Stephanie knows this first hand. In this post, she shares three important things we need to remember no matter what. 

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Feeling the Love of God Through Music

By Valerie Riese

Do you feel you can’t grasp or feel Jesus’ love in your heart? Valerie struggled with this most of her life. However, she has learned that He’s been calling out to her all the while, and she just didn’t recognize His voice.

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  1. I loved looking back at all of our posts. To be honest, my favorite posts didn’t make the cut. Although, my memory isn’t the best, and a lot of my favorite posts are from 2018. I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead though.

    1. Well maybe we’ll have to do another one, but with different criteria. We could even do an all-time favorite posts round up 🙂

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