Praying for Answers

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  1. Loved reading this, and love seeing you back! Last week, someone told me that I was an answer to prayer. Let me tell you, that is not what I felt like. I felt weak. but there was one phrase running through my head. Jesus is the answer. Yes, and amen.

    1. Amen! Jesus IS the answer. Too often, I think we forget that. Or at least I do. When things seem to be going awry I want to fix them, but what I really need to do is press into Jesus.

  2. We have missed you, Heather! Thanks so much for the reminder that whether we feel like we are struggling or not, we are always dependent on God’s strength minute by minute. Praying for long term relief from your headaches, and in the meantime that “God’s power will be manifest in your weakness.” ?

  3. Chronic migrains, tests “just to rule out…” some of the scaryiest things you’ve ever heard of… I’ve been a long term resident of that place. Here’s one of my favorite things to do when the chronic pain wears me down. Pick a brief verse that speaks peace to you. My favorite is Psalm 46:10. Close your eyes and inhale as you say the first part of the verse – Be Still and know..” holdthe breathe for a moment. Exhale slowly as you say or think the second part …”that I am God” The oxygen, re-focusing your attention to God’s Word will do wonders to help you cope with pain that won’t go away. It’s part of how I learned to lean on Him in the first place. The best part is, Jeremy Camp has a song that goes perfectly “Be Still”

  4. Heather- I’m hoping they find answers for your migraines! Trusting when we can’t see nor control the situation is hard, isn’t it! The song is beautiful, thank you for sharing it!

  5. Prayers for our daughter to return to God. Also for all people who do not know Jesus to have physical, emotional and Spiritual healing that only He can give.

    1. Those are such hard things to trust God for, Julie. But I am right there with you. I have two family members I am constantly in prayer for.

      P.S. I’m giving away another CD on my other blog. Click the link below to find out how to enter that one.

  6. I love remembering that God is our daily bread. He is our sustenance, our nourishment, and our strength! Like I need food and water to survive physically, I need Him to survive spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. I pray that the doctors figure out the cause of our migraines and that God provides them discernment on how to handle the issue. God Bless!

  7. Amen indeed Jesus is the answer. Lately I have been thinking how I always never put Him in the equation to the solutions of my problems yet He is the answer. I have so many situations in my life that are chaotic right now and I am trusting Jesus to calm the storm for me.

    1. Yes! Sometimes He calms the storm, and sometimes He calms our hearts. I remember a particular chaotic season in my life where I experienced that peace that passes understanding. God can do anything.

  8. Jesus is always the answer! Thank goodness you are ok! I’ve struggled for several years with migraines, so I feel your pain.

    1. Amen. I don’t know why I always forget to pray for energy, or why I never even thought of it until someone else mentioned it, but I’m trying to be more faithful about it. Thanks for stopping in, Susan!

  9. God is our refuge, our present help in time of need. How I rely on Him because of you stop to consider how many things are outside of our control, it is daunting!

  10. What an absolute truth- we need Jesus. In any and all situations, we need Jesus. I needed this little reminder. Trials will come in this world, but good news! Jesus has conquered the world and its evils.
    Thanks Heather.

  11. So often I think we forget to pray for the little things, hearing that Beth Moore said she prays for energy really resonates with me. So happy to have discovered your blog!

    1. Yes! I never even thought of it before she said it, but it makes total sense. Jesus is supposed to be our everything. He can supply our every need, and that includes our energy.

  12. With all the chaos that’s been going on in the world lately and in my own life this past year after losing my dad, I’m finding myself turning more to God and listening to music that helps lift my spirits.

  13. Prayer is such a powerful tool. I try to rely on Jesus and His teachings to lead me but any help to stay on that path is great.

  14. You brought tears to my eyes.I completely understand pain. I have back & leg issues which have effected my mobility. I pray everyday & night for God to give me strength because otherwise I’d be depressed. Some days I pray for energy so I can clean. God is so awesome and I’m so blessed. I’m going to keep you in my daily prayers. I’m happy I found your blog. I’m going to subscribe to it.
    God Bless you & Thank you for the chance ☺

    1. I’m so glad you found us, Sue. After reading your comment, I feel like I have a new friend. Congratulations on winning the CD. I sent you an email on how to claim your prize.

  15. Oh, Yes! In any trouble or challenge! I need Jesus. Do you know – I’ve never thought of praying for more energy ! LOL – Why is it we don’t take the simplest things like that to God? I’m learning, though, that when I give the big and little things to him, he takes better care of them than I can! I’m so sorry you have migraines – for over 3 weeks! One of my sons struggles with them but they are weather related. It’s so hard as a mom to not be able to “fix” them and make the pain go away. But, again, it is something both he and I need to give to God! Thank you for sharing your sweet, courageous, over-coming heart!

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