Procrastination and Jesus

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    1. It’s a good point to make too, that sometimes we have seasons when procrastination is something we deal with, and other seasons when we don’t deal with it. 🙂 Thank you.

  1. If we just take the time to sit down and do it right away, our lives would work more smoothly. I try to get myself to do one thing I don’t want to do first in the day, and I feel so much better the whole rest of the day because I got that thing done, even if it only took less than 5 minutes, like repairing your glasses!

  2. My struggle is that I put off taking time to put things off! It seems like I get so busy that the one thing I procrastinate on is taking time to rest, one of the most important things of all.

  3. I think one reason it is so difficult is because it is an act of literal spiritual warfare to put our lives aside for prayer and worship. The enemy has a vested interest in distracting us.

  4. Procrastination is such a battle!! But I love how you tied that physical situation to the spiritual. I have actually been awaiting buying new frames myself because mine keep breaking and are being held together with clean nail polish at the moment so I identify completely 😉

  5. I’m coming to realize that much of my depression and anxiety is due to my procrastination and laziness. I’m confessing my sin and asking God to help me overcome my slothful habits. It feels like a huge mountain to climb. Only God can help me do this.

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