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Why Should God Let You Into Heaven?

If God were to ask you why He should let you into heaven, how would you answer?

I read that question recently, and it kind of stopped me in my tracks.

My friend and I finished studying Genesis and Exodus recently, and just began Ephesians. And I feel like we are at the contrast of what life was like before the veil was torn, and being saved by the riches of His grace that were lavished on us through Jesus.

It overwhelmed me reading that while we were still dead in our sin (all of us, none of us escape that), He made us alive in Christ. Something that stuck out to me so strongly was how much we can’t take credit for Him saving us. We can’t boast about that at all.

We Don’t Deserve to Go to Heaven

I also don’t deserve it. None of us deserve it. And if I can answer that question, why should God let me into heaven, let me share my immediate answer in two words.

He. Shouldn’t.

Yes, I said it. I do not deserve God’s grace. He shouldn’t give it to me. I shouldn’t get into heaven, and I have a list of sins to prove it.

I shouldn't get into heaven, and I have a list of sins to prove it — so let me tell you about God's grace. Share on X

Saved by Grace

But He does, for those who are faithful. Because it is by faith we are saved, by grace.

I want to be honest and say I know some people reading this believe that they deserve God’s grace and kindness. He is God, right? He is all loving. And I can do whatever I want, because He will forgive me.

We believe we are owed grace. And we throw the word grace around in arrogance, because we won’t throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus, knowing that we only have redemption through His blood, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.

I have done this. It pains me to say, but it’s true. I cheapened God’s grace to the level of wanting my “good works” to secure my redemption. Roman 11:6 states that our eternal security isn’t based on works, because if it was, then grace wouldn’t be grace, and grace wouldn’t be as amazing.

What is Grace?

Grace is unmerited favor. Kindness we don’t deserve.

And grace is a gift. A precious gift. One that was bought at a high price. And if I know one thing about gifts, it is that when you give someone a gift, you can’t wait to give it to them! Especially when it is a really special gift you know the person will love.

I turned 40 a couple months ago, and my best friend gave me the best gift (she is really good at doing that… she knows me well). On top of these beautiful pink pajamas, there was this white envelope. But it wasn’t a card envelope, so I was a little confused at what it was. As I opened this I realized it was a few pages on paper folded in half, and before I turned it to read what the front said I asked her “what is this?”

And she said, “I made you a birthday card.” But it was more than a card. It was words of encouragement, and many of the reasons that she loved me.

And then a few days later, she told me she had recorded herself reading the card for me.

Why Should God Let You Into Heaven?

God’s Perfect Gift

God was so intentional about putting us in each other’s lives. The card was such a personal reminder of that. About how intentional He is. How He sees us, He knows our hearts, and knows what we need. And that is all despite that we have been dead in our sin, and in need of His grace.

She gave me the perfect gift because she knows the one so intimately who gave us the most precious gift of all. His son. Jesus.

This is the time of year we remember that gift that was born in a manger. The Word, full of grace and truth, that became flesh, and came to dwell among us. The gift that God took great pleasure in giving, even though it would cause Him pain. And this gift was given to you, in His kindness and according to His grace, expressed through Jesus.

The cost was high. Such a high cost that it should amaze us that instead of giving us what we deserve, separation from God for eternity, He offered us grace.

Why Should God Let You Into Heaven?

When thinking of the question of if God should let us into heaven, I immediately wonder why He would love me. I know my shortcomings, my failures, and my sin (and these are front and center in my thoughts recently). And so does He.

In-spite of that, Jesus was born into this world. His birth doesn’t seem fit for a king. Yet, He came near. I will never fully understand it, but that is how great God’s love is for us.

So, in writing this, and really considering that question again, this would be my 3 word answer.

I. Need. Jesus.

That is my prayer for us this Christmas season, that we be aware of our need for Him, and stand in awe of the depth of His love, and His grace.

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Now it is your turn. How would you answer the question of why God should let you into heaven?

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  1. Why should God let me into Heaven? He loves me even tho I do not see my value, I have to believe it is there because He says so. Jesus died for me and secured a place for me there. It was not anything at all that I did. This is why I think God will allow me to go to Heaven. This is where my hope lies, in the work and sacrifice of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus. All praise, honour, and glory to you Lord Jesus.. Thank You.

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