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Our internet was hacked. We pay for 21 meg, we were getting like 0.2. Someone else was eating up the rest of it. After figuring out what was wrong, I changed the password and the problem was solved…

Then my husband’s computer that has our graphics software on it crashed.

And the freezer part of our refrigerator quit working…

My husbands car broke down…

The free standing fan in my office died…

The light fixture in the ceiling fan in our daughter’s bedroom gave out…

My migraines started getting worse again… (I can’t imagine why)

My husband and daughter were sick for almost a week…

Our weed eater died…

The fuel cap on our van went bad and needed replaced. (I’m serious y’all, you just can’t make this stuff up.)

The hard drive on my main computer was on the fritz… and then the computer just gave up. While I was in the middle of working…

And finally, our refrigerator gave out completely. They can’t get us a new one until next week. We are living out of coolers.

When It Rains It Pours

This all happened since the first of the year. Probably within the last 45 days. To say it’s been a bit overwhelming would be an understatement.

Chaotic might be a better word.

This week has been the worst. Between a massive migraine, living out of coolers, and losing my computer (I sent it to the repair man for the second time this morning), I don’t have a featured post for you today.

But I do hope you will visit our other hosts and check out their features and link up your posts below.

And, honestly, I don’t know how your year is going, but I hope you remember that God is always good.

That’s where I am anyways. When I look around and everything seems to be falling apart, I can cling to the promise that God is unshakeable.

I don't know how your year is going, but I hope you remember that God is always good. Share on X


  1. My husband and I have gone through almost the same circumstances. But yesterday’s devotional was encouraging.

    “When something in your life or thoughts makes you anxious, come to Me and talk about it. Bring Me your prayer and petition with thanksgiving, saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus, for this opportunity to trust You more.’ Though the lessons of trust that I send to you come wrapped in difficulties, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Well-developed trust will bring you many blessings, not the least of which is My Peace. I have promised to keep you in perfect Peace to the extent that you trust in Me. The world has it backwards, teaching that peace is the result of having enough money, possessions, insurance, and security systems. My Peace, however, is such an all-encompassing gift that it is independent of all circumstances. Though you lose everything else, if you gain My Peace you are rich indeed.”

    1. Yes! My husband is sure God is trying to teach us patience. Our fridge came yesterday… but it was damaged and we had to send it back. So we are without a refrigerator for at least another week, possibly two. But God is still good. And He will get us through what ever life throws our way.

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