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I didn’t choose a word for this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-one word people, or boycotting the one word movement. In fact, the featured post I chose for today is all about one woman and her one word.

So just what is her one word?

I thought about not telling you. Making you visit her site to find out. But her post is just too good not to brag on.

It's time to get uncomfortable (and a link up)

Susan had me both laughing and pondering as she shared about her word for the year. As she talked about what God has been teaching her and where she sees this word taking her (or not) throughout the year.

Her post was both light-hearted and deep.

The perfect combination.

Yet at the same time, it wasn’t self-centered. Her word for the year wasn’t all about her.

Part humor, part Bible study, part encouragement, and part Jesus, this is a post you don’t want to miss.

So, I definitly encourage you to hop over and check out Susan’s post, Why It’s Time To Get Uncomfortable, on her site, Carry On My Heart.

Click here to read this week’s featured post

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Part humor, part Bible study, part encouragement, and part Jesus, this is a post you don't want to miss. Share on X Are you a #ChristianBlogger? Link up with the Weekly Grace and Truth Link Up here Share on X


  1. What a great word!! I love it…uncomfortable. God is always pushing to that… I do like to have a word for the year. It gives me focus and I feel it is God-given. My word this year is build. And that word is so big and encompasses so much.

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