My Life as a People-Pleaser

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  1. Great post! I really connect with Cory’s song, also. It is so important to remember and reflect on God’s love for us. For me, it helps me remember that I am blessed even when things aren’t going my way. I’m blessed even when circumstances are not the best simply because the God of the universe, my creator, loves me. Pursues me. Will not let me go.

  2. I appreciate your honesty in sharing your struggle. It’s refreshing when we can be open about our challenges then we can learn from each others. We all have something. No one is immune and Jesus will use it to draw us close to him if we let him.

  3. That cycle of people pleasing is alive and well in me. I see it in the hurt that they didn’t mean to cause. My husband calls it out as I work too hard to finish things on time that no one will care about. Seeking approval from others when I need to draw near to God, remember Whose I am and live this life for Him alone. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement that we are not alone in the struggle.

  4. I relate to this post in many ways. For years I struggled with being a people pleaser because of a broken past. It is because of His grace and finding my identity in Christ I came to terms with the fact that the only one I have to please is the Father. It is hard growing up when you are looking for acceptance and wanting to belong and not realizing that God has already accepted you. God trades ashes for beauty and I am grateful. I always tell people no matter your story, God will use it for His glory. I’m thankful for your story!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story and how God helped you overcome your people pleasing past. I, too, love hummingbirds and I eagerly await each spring when they migrate through my neck of the woods and my feeders fill with hundreds of them. I’ve turned my back porch into a hummingbird ‘studio’ and spend many a happy hour marveling at their beauty and personalities.

  6. I used to be a people-pleaser, too. I hated the thought of anyone being mad at me. The root of that is from my family history – always walking on eggshells. Thankfully, Jesus has freed me from that unhealthy relationship pattern! Thank you for sharing on Grace & Truth.

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