The Realty of Life (sick days and all)

I’ve been sick now for a few days. The household is backing up. You know, laundry… dishes… clean surfaces. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and kids have been pitching in. It’s just not the same.

Sick enough to call out from work, I’m watching The Price is Right, ensconced on the couch with a Coke and a blanket. I can see the trees out the back window, blowing wildly in the cold winter air. I’d love to go stand next to one, hear the creak of the wood and feel the same waves of wind buffet my body.

But I’m too cozy to entertain that thought for long. Scrolling my phone, I pause to look at a video of a young mom with hair down her back fixing her makeup. I stalk her Facebook page, noting her outfits, home, and kids. Sighing, I head to the bathroom for a tissue and glance in the mirror, shocking myself. I’d half-way envisioned myself as young, fit, with long hair, and perfectly applied makeup. Reality was slapping me in the face.

It’s funny how the internet has changed us. It’s almost as if we live more than one life. Multiple, in fact. We are one person on Facebook, at work, in our homes, on Twitter, etcetera. I remember the good old days where I judged myself more on how clean my bathroom was than on how many likes I received on a post.

Our Reality & Our Choices

What is reality for each of us nowadays?

Our choices are more about what we interact with through the screen than our flesh and blood activities. Where are we choosing to go this day? The easy route is just so darn comfortable.

Did I decide to go outside and stand by the tree on this cold winter day? Wouldn’t that make a fabulous picture for Instagram?

Yeah… no. I chose to rest my body so I could be responsible tomorrow and go back to work. Most likely I’ll tackle some laundry, wipe down a bathroom, and cuddle a few feline friends until my kids get home from school.  I’ll entice them with a snack to sit with me and talk awhile then I’ll take a backseat to their other realities.


We’ve been giving up so much lately.

Maybe it’s time to start taking back some territory and claiming it in the name of our families. What will be remembered or cherished in this hyper-computer age?

For this working mom, I’m making plans.

What About You?

How are you taking back “realities” in your own life and those of your kids? In light of being a Christ-follower, how can we stay grounded and follow God’s path for our lives?

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  1. O, I hope you feel better soon. This post is enough for me to think about. Let’s stay close to our Lord an d Helper en talk with Him about all thinks in our home and heart. He is such a good listener.

    My question: how can we develop real hunger for God in our hearts? Real thirst for Him ( so we can choose Him instead of social media or food).

  2. This post was so timely! Thanks for sharing. Two hours have just flown by as I upload videos, post to Instagram and Facebook and check a few things off my list…and I have barely made eye contact with my daughter. She heads off to preschool soon and I to a doctor’s appointment, and I feel loss because I realize another morning…then afternoon has slipped by without taking time to talk with her and be fully present. My goal is to take back the days and to break away from work for even just a little while several times in the morning to make sure she feels connected to me and loved. This post put words to what I was already feeling. Thank you!!

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