Grace and Truth for Good Friday

Good Friday is upon us once again.

I don’t know how this season finds you… if you have steeped yourself in Jesus the past 40 days and are feeling spiritually ready for all that surrounds this amazing celebration of our Savior or not. But I’ll be really honest with you… That’s not where this Good Friday finds me.

This year has been rough.

The last two years have been rough.

And as much as I love Jesus, it’s been hard to focus on celebrating His life and resurrection. That’s not a pretty truth, but it’s the honest truth.

So, as I sit here at my desk writing and pondering at 1 AM instead of sleeping, I’m reminded of a post I wrote a couple years back.

It was a reminder to myself that Easter isn’t a feeling, but a fact.

The death and resurrection of Jesus, our very salvation, isn’t based on our ever changing feelings, but they are, and ever will be, indisputable facts.

You can read more in my post
Whitewashed Christianity

Amelia is on a blogging break due to personal reasons,
but we are hoping she’ll be back with us soon.

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