Tuning Into The Love Of God

Feeling the Love of God Through Music

Do you feel you can’t grasp or feel Jesus’ love in your heart? I struggled with this most of my life, but I learned that He’s been calling out to me all the while, and I just didn’t recognize His voice. I hope sharing my experience will also help you feel closer to Jesus. 

Through a Bible Study of the book God Speaks Your Love Language: How to Feel and Reflect God’s Love by Dr. Gary Chapman, I learned that God gives His love to each of us in a practical, unique way, specifically designed so we all feel His presence. Likewise, we will also feel closest to God when we give Him love in the same practical manner.

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The Love of God in Music

Has an unexpected word of encouragement ever changed your attitude on a difficult day?

Has someone’s story ever given you a sudden, clear revelation of how to proceed with your own situation?

Do you spend way too long writing the perfect message in every greeting card you send?

Soaking up the love of God through music #christianblog

If so, then you probably give and receive love with words. There are many ways to give and receive God’s love through language, but I’ve been so focused on reading and writing that I  missed a timeless medium of communication: Music.

I am profoundly affected by music. Regardless of the setting, I move, cry, and sing as the music plays. My family has pictures of me at concerts- bribery pics, and they’ve elbowed and shushed me more than a few times. It’s a reflex as powerful as blinking and breathing. I can’t not respond to music at the cellular level.

A demonstrative response to music is sometimes awkward, (plus I really can’t sing or dance) so I’ve been a stoic pretender much of my life. In doing so, I traded the approval of man for the love of God.

Through reading God Speaks Your Love Language: How to Feel and Reflect God’s Love, I realized that God uses my love of music as a path to reach beyond my bad moves and speak directly to my spirit. The music moves me because God’s love overwhelms me.

Music in the Bible

The Bible is full of songs of worship and praise from Noah, David, Mary of Nazareth, Jesus, the apostles, and the Faithful after the Rapture. In fact, “psalm” means “instrumental music” and “a poem set to notes” in the Old Testament Hebrew and “a set piece of music” in the New Testament Greek.

Ephesians 5:18-20 provides instructions for why and how we should sing. We sing so we can be with the Spirit with songs that come from the Spirit. We must sing from our heart to the Lord to thank Him.

Resting in the Love of God

I rely on this revelation now to rest in His love as I go through treatment for breast cancer. I was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety during a previous illness, but this time I know I can trust in the love of the Healer and Prince of Peace. Music keeps my focus upward, so I’m growing closer to Jesus in this difficult season.

God is Love, and love casts out fear, so instead of ruminating on “what if’s” I mentally rehearse a favorite chorus during treatments. I have plenty of rough days, but music re-centers me. Answers to late night prayers for peace, wisdom, and strength come when the perfect song randomly pops in my head. That’s when I really know that He is right beside me through every moment.

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  1. Valerie, I also love music! I rely on praise music to keep my heart focused and thoughts positive when I feel my thoughts going to a negative place or anxiety creeping in. Please know you continue to be in my prayers as you go through treatments. ? Thanks for sharing your heart in this post!

    1. Hi Jamie, Isn’t the power of music amazing, and even more so when we make music to praise our Father! Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. I really appreciate it.

  2. Whenever I am feeling stressed, i will start singing hymns. The truth in their words always ministers to me.

    1. Hi Amy, Your use of the phrase “ministers to me” strikes me. I usually think of this as something people do, but music really does take care of people. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. That is a wonderful reminder of how God loves us all uniquely. I love music too, and when no one is around, I love to crank it up and sing and dance along. It is such a blessing and definitely brings us into His presence. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Amy, Are you one of those weirdo drivers who sing at the top of their lungs and wiggle in their seat as though no one can see you through the car windows? I am and I’m beyond caring about who is watching! Thanks so much for sharing, Amy!

  4. Sending prayers your way, Valerie. I love Christian music, but I think your paragraph on resting with God resonated with me the most. I suffer from anxiety too, but have recently been able to let it go and trust that God will be there for me, no matter what. He will be there for you too.

    1. Hi Laurie, I’m so glad that you’ve found peace by trusting in God! What an absolutely amazing blessing it is to cast our cares on Him and feel our burdens lift. Thank you for your prayers; it means so much to me.

  5. I also connect best with God through music. Always have. He gave me the gift of singing, and I use it for Him every chance I get.

    I pray He heals you this side of heaven.

    1. Hi Nicole, It’s so wonderful that you recognize this gift and use it to praise Him! I’m sure that just makes Him smile so much! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

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