The God of all comfort and me.

The God of All Comfort & Me

I sat in the early morning sunshine today.

The earth greeted me with birds singing and bees buzzing on the purple coneflowers in the bed beyond the front porch.

The days have been long. Worries many. Yet life continued… remained.

Crying Out To The God of All Comfort

I prayed to God to handle my cares, only half believing He would. They’d been constant for too long, increasing in weight and frequency.

A quick brown salamander scampered past dashing into the sunlight then back toward the cool shade within the depth of the flowers below.

My mind filtered through the things that needed to be done inside the house, making a mental checklist. Dishes, throw out leftovers… all the pieces and parts of a busy household with a working mother.

Gracious sleep still clung to my children. They’d need tending too, but a different kind. Lessons wrapped up in the precious few hours that I got to spend at home.

Casting My Cares & Clinging To His Promises

“Take a snapshot, God,” I prayed. “Of this moment in time… on the porch in the sun, face exposed, emotions raw with worries that I try to place at Your feet. Where are You in this picture? Are You standing behind me, Lord? Why can’t I see You? Show me this morning when I get to Heaven. Where were You? Did You care that I fell and cried, but kept going?

“Your Word says you keep track of every tear (Psalm 56:8).

“You Word says you will never leave or forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6).

“That You are faithful, just, ever-present, holy, and kind.

“And despite my troubles (John 16:33), You have overcome the world.

“I am sifted as Simon in Luke 22.

“And sifted again.

“And I come out… as gold: luminous, better, stronger (Job 23:10).

“Show me the snapshot, God. Where I am, where I’m going, and Your hand in it all.”

Maybe then I will see the full picture, but now see only dimly (1 Corinthians 13:12).

I sat in the early morning sunshine today.

God joined me in the warmth and comforted me with His Word.

“That’s where You are, God. That’s where You are,” I whispered.

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  1. It has been a week when I have learned that several dear ones are going through hard things. I think I will be looking up these verses. Thank you. Visiting you from the grace and truth link up.

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