redefining self worth gods way

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  1. Sheila, this is a beautifully written article! I felt your pain and shame, as well as your victory as I eagerly read to the end. I think as women we struggle most with self worth. I have said every one of those statements you listed in the section “Underneath the Surface” to myself on more than one occasion. Our thoughts hold so much power, more power than we can handle, which is why God tells us to take them captive and give them to Him. What a blessing to read how He worked in such a powerful way in your life!

  2. Donna,

    Thoughts hold a tremendous amount of power. Took me way too much time to truly embrace how God says we should deal with them. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I am thankful I have this forum to share my experiences in hopes they will bless others.

  3. Sheila,
    No matter which part of the world we live our God knows to talk to us the correct words at the right moment. Definitely, people out there will be able to connect themselves with your words. Good job!
    Anita Daniel
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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