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5 of the Best Books on Prayer

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Do you sometimes feel like your prayer life is in a rut? Maybe you’re saying the same quick prayers for the same few things every day. Or maybe you feel like you should be praying more specifically and thoroughly for certain issues or people but you don’t know where to start.

I tend to get distracted when I set aside time to pray. It’s hard to stay focused. Sometimes I beat myself up over that. Other times I try to remember that prayer, like anything, takes practice.

To be healthy Christians, we need to have healthy prayer lives. These five books on prayer have greatly encouraged me in my prayer life, and at the end I’ll also link to a free prayer eBook my friend (and Candid Gal) Jaime Hampton and I put together for pray-ers like you!

5 books every prayer warrior needs in their library Share on X

5 Books on Prayer Every Warrior Needs in Their Library

1.) Touch the World Through Prayer

This book by Wesley L. Duewel has encouraged my prayer life more than any other I’ve read to date. Duewel offers testimonies of answered prayers from his time overseas as a missionary and reminds us that we can truly change the world through our prayers. I recently re-read this book and plan to read it again at least once a year when I find my prayer life in need of some inspiration and oomph.

2.) The Power of a Praying Wife

5 books on prayer every warrior needs in their library

This book is a classic by Stormie O’Martian. What I love is that she doesn’t just include the things you’d automatically think to pray about for your spouse (Please keep him healthy, please help him have a good day today). She includes a lot of issues I would have never thought to pray about for my husband, and it’s set up in a way that you can go through one prayer a day and cover your husband for the month, then go back to page 1 and start over.

3.) Praying God’s Word

Beth Moore is most well-known for her video and workbook-based Bible studies for women, but her Praying God’s Word book has become for me a must-have in my prayer library. Beth takes Scripture and rewrites them into prayers you can pray. What I like is that she has the prayers written out as if you’re praying them for yourself, but of course you can change them to pray for others as well. The focus of this book is to overcome strongholds we all deal with like pride, fear, etc.

4.) Operation World

This book can be sort of intimidating to some but it has probably been the most useful tool I’ve ever encountered when it comes to praying for the nations of the world. It’s basically a several-hundred page encyclopedia that lists every country on the globe and gives specific prayer points for each.

5.) Pray for the World

If a huge book like Operation World is a little too overwhelming for you at the moment, try it’s abridged version. Pray for the World (from the creators of Operation World) has the same sort of information, but it’s laid out by region giving more general prayer points. It’s a great place to start if you’re just beginning to pray for the people of the world.

Bonus Resource: Scripture Journal

This is a 30-day devotional with an emphasis on praying through Scripture. Each day has a Bible passage to meditate on, a short devotion, and then questions you can pray through or write about in your prayer journal based on the Bible passage.

The best news? It’s totally free so grab your copy at

Do You Have A Favorite Prayer Book?

Share your favorite books on prayer with us in the comments below!

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