7 practical ideas for praise and worship even when you're busy

Practical Praise And Worship With The Grace & Truth Link Up

I’m excited about today’s featured Grace & Truth post for three reasons: it’s about one of my favorite topics, it’s practical, and it brought back a precious childhood memory I can’t wait to share. 

First, one of the most poignant things God taught me through breast cancer this year was the power of praise and worship. Fear couldn’t take me when I was busy praising God for who He is and what He’s done in my life.  

Second, so much of our faith involves intangibles such as ideas, emotions, inspiration, and just, well- faith. Sometimes I need something I can touch or do. Tell me how. Today’s post presents 7 practical ideas, but I learned that there is no limit to the ways we can offer our praise and worship. 

And one way we can worship God is through rituals. 

I know most of you are squirming right about now, planning your comments already: “Valerie, on this side of the cross, we yearn for a relationship with Jesus, not ritual!” 

A Sweet Memory

Please, first join me in 1983 as I awoke from a sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. 

7 practical ideas for praise and worship even when you're busy

It was still dark and Grandpa was getting ready for the morning milking. But the cows had to wait a few minutes. Grandpa and Grandma each weaved their rosaries through their calloused fingers. Grandpa knelt before his recliner, and Grandma before her rocking chair.

Half-asleep on the living room couch, I awoke to their voices as one, “Hail Mary, full of grace…” Three Hail Mary’s, then “Our Father, who art in Heaven…” Three Our Fathers. Their heads bowed down and their voices as one lifted to heaven in perfect union, just as their 67 years of marriage.  

Yes, this was their morning ritual. But I woke up to an unforgettable harmony of reverent worship.  

Practical Praise And Worship

I remembered Grandpa and Grandma when I read Deborah Haddix’s post “7 Practical Ideas for Offering Praise and Worship When Days are Busy,” because I learned that that worship is anything you do to honor our Lord and Savior.  

Deborah reminds us that we should worship God because He deserves it and because it nourishes our soul.  

So, if you think you’re too busy if you’re not sure how to worship God in your everyday routine, or you’d like a few ideas, head on over to DeborahHaddix.com to read her post.  

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7 Practical Ideas for Offering Praise and Worship When Days Are Busy

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  1. Thanks for featuring Deborah’s post, Valerie! It’s a good one. I could always use a little more praise and worship in my day. But I think my favorite part of this was the memory you shared. It reminded me of a sermon called “Leaving a Legacy” by Voddie Baucham. In it he talks about how everything we do leaves an imprint on our children. For instance, if we eat pot roast after church every Sunday, when our kids grow up, when they eat pot roast, they will remember Sunday dinners after church. It’s not about rituals, but sometimes routines can make an impact.

    1. Hi Heather, I have a lot of memories like that of my grandparents, and those memories shaped me and my faith, especially my Grandma. So much so, that my daughter’s middle name is after Grandma. Thanks for sharing the sermon. I’ll listen to it this weekend while I do chores.

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