7 practical ideas for praise and worship even when you're busy

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  1. Thanks for featuring Deborah’s post, Valerie! It’s a good one. I could always use a little more praise and worship in my day. But I think my favorite part of this was the memory you shared. It reminded me of a sermon called “Leaving a Legacy” by Voddie Baucham. In it he talks about how everything we do leaves an imprint on our children. For instance, if we eat pot roast after church every Sunday, when our kids grow up, when they eat pot roast, they will remember Sunday dinners after church. It’s not about rituals, but sometimes routines can make an impact.

    1. Hi Heather, I have a lot of memories like that of my grandparents, and those memories shaped me and my faith, especially my Grandma. So much so, that my daughter’s middle name is after Grandma. Thanks for sharing the sermon. I’ll listen to it this weekend while I do chores.

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