Kindness matters

3 Simple Ways To Spread Kindness

Kindness. It is a fruit of the Spirit. The word used for this “fruit” is chrestotes which translates to moral goodness, and integrity. Paul actually uses this word in Roman’s twice to describe God’s character.

But so many times we don’t come across kind people, and if we are honest, we don’t act in a way that is kind, or with actions that hold moral goodness, and integrity.

This week my daughter was sick. She woke up in a pool of vomit, and quickly spiked a high fever. I called the doctor who got us right in, but just my luck, she threw up all over herself on the way to the doctors.


I didn’t think bringing her into the waiting room was a good idea, because, I mean who wants to be around a kid with throw up all over themselves… even in the sick room?

So, I parked in front of the office and asked them what they wanted me to do. I stripped her half-naked to avoid the weird stares, and thankfully they brought me up the side stairwell and put me into a room right away.

But I had expected the worst. I expected the nurses to treat her like she had leprosy. I mean she was contagious, and I wouldn’t want to catch what she had. But the nurse came in (actually 2 nurses), and asked if I wanted them to give her a bath. They brought over soap, put her in the sink, and bathed her in warm water, carefully getting all the puke out of her hair.

She then went to get a change of brand-new clothes for Olivia that she “happened” to have in her car, and Olivia was so happy that she gave the nurse a huge hug.

Kindness matters. And our experience at the doctors got me to thinking about ways that we can show similar kindness to those around us.

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3 Simple Ways We Can Spread Kindness Every Day

1.) Do The Unexpected

A few years ago, I went to the toy store where I had to get my son some stocking stuffers, and a few other things for Christmas.  When I was in line, I decided that I was pretty tired and got myself a bottle of Pepsi for a late morning caffeine boost.  While trying to pay, my card was declined. 

It was a little frustrating because I had left my phone in the car because I didn’t think I would need it.  So, I had to go back out to my car to call Mike to transfer money for me.  Not a big deal, but not easy either because I had my 6-month-old son with me. 

As I was walking back into the store, I received an email receipt from the store on my phone.  I was really confused because my payment didn’t go through, so I shouldn’t have gotten a receipt.  But when I got up to the register the cashier said that the guy behind me had paid for my items.  I cried.  

It was completely unexpected.

3 simple ways to spread kindness every day #CandidlyChristian

We didn’t need the money, we just hadn’t kept a good eye on our account. But that kindness mattered. I cried because it was not a cheap bill… not crazy… but not cheap.  I cried because we didn’t need the money. We had just made a little mistake by not keeping tabs on our account, and when I looked at our account, our account had only been short $1.  The Pepsi.

2.) Go Above & Beyond

So many times, we just want to meet expectations. Someone tells us what they expect, and we deliver just what was asked. For me, going above and beyond can mean passing on a gift that was never meant for me.

Shortly before I had gotten to the toy store, I ran into an old friend from grade school.  We got to talking, and she really desired to give her children a good life but struggled financially. 

What the man that paid for my order didn’t know was that he really did help a family in need, as we turned the money around to buy my old friend a gift card so she could give her children a Christmas.

3.) Look To Jesus As Our Example

I share the story above, because it would have been so easy to just take the gift we had been given, and keep it for ourselves, and maybe even get our son more for Christmas. But I was quickly convicted that the gift that was meant for me, was also not for me at all.

We need to look to Jesus on how to share the love of our good good Father with those around us. He lavished His grace upon us, and encourages us to “outdo one another in showing honor. Love each other as brothers and sisters and honor others more than you do yourself. Love one another warmly as Christians, and be eager to show respect for one another.” (Romans 12:10)

Be eager to do so. That means we need to look forward to loving one another. It is something that should bring us joy, just as it brought God pleasure to predestine us to be adopted through Jesus.

Our love for others should not be ordinary. It should not just meet expectations but should be considered joy. I think of the woman who bled for 12 years. She was an outcast, and all she wanted was to be healed. She came up behind Jesus, and touched His cloak, and was immediately healed. That is what she wanted.

And Jesus could have gone about what He was doing because what He was about to do was important too. But He didn’t. He stopped. Because He wanted to look at her to tell her that her faith had made her well.

She didn’t expect that. She got what she wanted, but He went above and beyond. And we need to follow His example and do the same.

Your Turn!

So, this week, do the unexpected, and be excited about it! Do what is above, and beyond, as you look to Jesus as your perfect example.

Have you ever received a gift that was above and beyond? Tell us about it, and how it encourages you to love others well!

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  1. I know when a kindness is done for me, I remember it for a long time. It is a great way to pass on Jesus’ love to others.

    I too had someone pay for some items at an airport when my card was denied because I was supposed to be out of the country. It was humbling and yet inspiring and made me want to do a kindness to someone else.

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