Our Perspective Matters

In life perspective is key. I can attest to being in situations in life that I truly did not know my way out of. Long story short, I recently relocated to Montreal Quebec and found myself without employment or stable housing. If I solely looked at the physical, I would have already given up due to the sheer stress and demand put on me. 

A Change in Perspective

As I shifted my perspective, I realized that I did have the tools to make it through. No matter how successful you are if you’re perspective is off, you’ll never truly be happy or satisfied. 1 Peter 1:13 reminds us to be alert and fully sober. We are to set our hope on the grace that Jesus Christ gives us. This means we must first set our eyes and spiritual hearts on God and not the things of this world. 

Mostly because the enemy is always searching to devour good things around us so being positive is an asset for yourself. I ended up studying French (Canadian Version) and having multiple job offers available. 

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A Perspective on Interactions

Another thing I found was that how you treat people is important. And being intentional with them benefits you.  Philippians 2:5 notes that we must have the same mindset as Christ Jesus in our relationships. Having the right mindset is important not just in setting goals but also when we interact with others. Our true motives and ‘heart posture’ in interpersonal connections matters, because it sets the tone for respect with all who are involved. 

I’d say in order to really live life intentionally and with the right outlook, you have to really be brave enough to believe in God and yourself. Start slow and do what works for you until you can really do things consistently and biblically.

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