How To Count Your Blessings When Things Go Wrong

How To Count Your Blessings When Things Go Wrong

My daughter has a concussion. She was helping pick up balls at her sister’s softball practice on Monday when her head and a bat accidentally collided. It could have been worse, but it wasn’t.

However, she does have several restrictions on what she can and can’t do during the healing process. A process that could take months.

After school yesterday, she was in tears because of all the things she isn’t allowed to do, and I couldn’t help but think, “how often do we get stuck there?”

How often do we fail to see the blessings because of what we can’t have?

How often do we put our focus on what’s going wrong?

Count Your Blessings

Last December, I had a really bad season. One thing after another, after another just kept going wrong. One of the biggest things that helped get me through that time was counting my blessings.

And when my daughter was in tears after school on Wednesday, we helped her refocus by looking at all the things she could do. All of the blessings that came out of her bad situation. This morning she was practically giddy because she could wear a long skirt and slip on shoes to school. One of her favorite outfits that she normally can’t wear because of gym class. But because she’s hurt, she can’t participate in gym class.

Remembering to count your blessings can change everything. Not in the literal sense, but the way we perceive it.

"Remembering to count your blessings can change everything. Not in the literal sense, but the way you perceive it." ~ @_HeatherHart Click To Tweet

But we still struggle with this, don’t we ladies? I do (especially lately). I get distracted and forget to refocus. So today, I’m taking a moment to remind myself to count my blessings, and I thought you might like to join me.

3 Ways To Count Your Blessings When Things Go Wrong

So how do you count your blessings when things go wrong?

1.) Count The Wins

Last year my husband and I both had doctor’s appointments out-of-town, but at different times, and he came straight from work. Thus, we were in two separate cars. So when his car broke down, I should have been halfway home, but something had happened and I was running late. So I was still there and was able to pick him up. That was a huge blessing.

My daughter has a concussion, but the CT scan came back negative for the orbital eye fracture the doctor was concerned about. In fact, the only symptom she has (other than the huge bump on her head and black eye) is a headache.

I have a constant headache, but I have an amazing support system and people who understand that I do what I can (not everyone understands, but the important people do).

3 Ways to count your blessings when things go wrong #gratitude

Yesterday when it was pouring down rain and I was tempted to grumble, I had to remember how much we need the rain. Here in Texas we are in a drought, and that rain was a huge blessing.

Anything that could have gone wrong, but didn’t is definitely a win. Some wins are good things that come from it, like a rainy day during a drought. Which actually brings me to number two on our list…

2.) Consider Any Good Things That May Come From It

My daughter was excited about sitting out of gym class from the beginning. I have four kids, three of them are extremely athletic, and then I have my girly girl. She loves basketball and roller skating, but that’s about it. Getting sweaty really isn’t her thing. Dresses and jewelry, that’s more her style. So counting this as a win was easy. But that isn’t always the case…

When my husband’s car broke down, we counted the extra time we got to spend together that day as a hidden blessing. He works out-of-town and with four kids we are constantly on the go, so we cherish the time we have together.

My head always hurts, but in the past nine months I have re-evaluated my life and learned a lot about priorities. And God is teaching me about perseverance.

Good things can be hidden blessings, or unexpected side-effects. Anything good that wouldn’t have happened without the heartache or bad situation.

3.) Remember What Hasn’t Changed

Sometimes we just have to step back and look at our life. We have to count our blessings that haven’t changed. I have an amazing family. My husband loves me. We have a home… I could go on and on.

In all honesty, I have an amazing life, my head just hurts while I live it. When I really stop to consider everything, I am blessed beyond measure.

Remembering our blessings that haven’t changed can help us keep bad experiences in perspective.

One More Thing…

James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above.”

While counting our blessings, we should always remember that they are gifts from God. Remember that you aren’t alone, and that He is always with you. Because that is the biggest blessing of all.

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So what about you? How do you count your blessings when things go wrong? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. This is wonderful. It makes me think how often we steal joy from our lives because we focus on the negative. Great last point, too, that God gives us these situations as gifts!

  2. When my husband and I are stuck in traffic or behind a slow driver, we often say, “Well, God doesn’t want us to be anywhere sooner than we will be there.” We know He has a plan and His plan is best. 🙂

  3. I think you are absolutely right that we need to count the blessings that don’t change… but move past family and home and stuff of this world. The real blessings that dont’ change are God, the cross, Victory over sin, eternal life, defeat of the enemy and restoration of the world. Hallelujah! Thanks for great reminders!

    1. Hey Karen, you are absolutely right. I meant to write “We have to count our blessings that **haven’t** changed.” Your point was my last point. Thanks for stopping in.

  4. Hi Heather!

    I loved the title of this blog post, how to count your blessings when things go wrong. That’s an awesome title.

    I’m glad to hear that your daughter did not take on a serious injury. I think it happens more often than not that forget to focus on what we have because we focus on what we haven’t got as you say. This is something many of us struggle with. I pray that your headache will be better.

    The best way I know of to count my blessing is by thinking of 5 things before I sleep at night, small or big, that I’m grateful for, and I have a rule that it should be something that has happen to me during the day. That has totally changed my perspective.

    Thank you for sharing about you and your family!

    God bless!
    Edna Davidsen

  5. The good things that may come from it: Your child will understand someone else’s limitations–temporary or permanent. I’ve watched students go through this recovery, and it can take a long time.

    But as you said, it could have been so much worse.

    Thankful to our great God that it was not!

  6. I’m always so thankful for the things I have, and I tell the Lord frequently, but I must admit that sometimes when I’m in a troubled or hectic situation, I don’t always remember to stop and thank Him for the opportunity that I can learn something from it. Thanks, Heather, for the reminder!

  7. Good reminder on something we all face. It can be difficult to count our blessings when we’re going through a difficult time, but we are commanded to do so, “Count it all joy brothers when you face trials of any kind.” I know something changes within us when we do count our blessings with joy, especially in the hard seasons. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. These are such great reminders when life is taking an unexpected turn! It truly is our perspective of the situation not the situation itself! Prayers that the healing process goes well for your daughter!

  9. So much ‘yes.’ Perspective shifts can make all the difference, can’t they, Heather? “Remember” is my 2018-Word. Lovely message, thanks for sharing. Prayers for your daughters concussion and for your headaches. ((hug))

  10. I love this Heather! Learning to count the wins. Learning to count our blessings. What hasn’t changed! Amen. Love this.

  11. This is a hard one for me! I think it’s a control issue. I want to try to fix or overcome what’s going on, rather than let go and look for the blessings.

    Thanks for the reminder! Often things don’t go my way – I’ll try focusing on the silver linings and blessings the next time!

    1. So glad I could encourage you today, Christina! It’s so much easier to focus on what’s going wrong, but life is so much better when we focus on the silver linings and blessings.

  12. Hi Heather! This blog post is perfect timing for me. I recently had eye surgery, and well, things are not healing as expected. Even as I type this, I struggle with double vision. It’s scary at times, but then I am reminded that I must trust God in the midst of suffering and… COUNT MY BLESSINGS. I am not blind! I have good health in other areas of my life! I have a happy family life! I am not BLIND!

    So yeah…. this is what I have been doing pretty much daily lately.

    Blessings, Lisa Q

  13. It is so true how counting our blessings can truly change our perspectives and gives us a heart of gratitude! I pray that your daughter recovers quickly from her concussion–and it definitely can be nice to miss gym class every once in a while! 🙂 Blessings to you and your family!

  14. Hello Heather
    My family and I have adopted the saying ‘down is up’.
    Many times it has helped us to expect the unexpected and not get stuck there. We are called to endure hardship so this is our weapen of instrustion.

  15. Great instructions for counting blessings! Your post walks us through ways to dig even deeper into the good things God is allowing in our lives, even during the chaos and disruption and chronic issues. Thankfulness is a great remedy for changing our hearts toward God. Thank you for posting this!

  16. I love these powerful tips! God has been bringing more perspective to my life when things go wrong lately, especially in parenting or for our kids’ health. I know that He’s blessed us richly!

  17. What a humbling reminder! I’ve actually been thinking about that lately – how I complain about the smallest thing that goes wrong, and focus in on that ONE negative thing, instead of recognizing all the other blessings I have. I love how you mentioned the hidden blessings. It’s extremely difficult for me to find those, but with prayer, it becomes easier! Thanks for this sweet message!

  18. Our perspective is everything! I am going through a tough season myself, so this was a great reminder on how to practically work out how I process & interpret the state of my life! Thank you!

  19. I count my blessings by believing that God will restore what I have lost. So in good times, I rejoice, and in bad times, I rejoice too because God will restore it back it me in greater quality/quantity! Finally, I can rejoice always because I have Jesus – the greatest blessing of all!

  20. Heather, I LOVED every bit of this! Counting our blessings may seem like such a small thing, but it has such a powerful impact!!
    All 3 suggestions that you mentioned were spot on! I found myself nodding my head in agreement, as well as squinting in conviction. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your post on the #destinationInspiration linkup this past week. It’s great to connect with you! Hope you’ll be back this week! 🙂

  21. This was beautifully written and such a great reminder to me in my season. Thank you for your heart??.

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