My Life is God's Story

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  1. It’s when God shatters our wrong desires that we finally come to terms with true relationship with Him. Suffering and brokenness cause us to receive the presence of God when nothing else will, and we end up with more of God and a better life.

  2. Loved the honesty here!
    I had dreams too that haven’t come to fruition, but God is showing me His ways are better! It’s been hard giving them up, but I’ve settled myself in the fact He has greater things planned for me then I could ever imagine!

  3. Yes! I had all of these grand dreams and plans but God is telling me ‘No’ and that there are other things for me to be focusing on right now. While it can be hard to put dreams on a shelf, knowing that I am following God’s plans for me are all that really matters.

  4. I have had to lay down my dreams too. He is gradually restoring them to me, but learning to trust Him is a lesson that seems to come first.

  5. I am so glad that God is the Author of my life. Thanks for sharing so deeply. He is beautiful in you.

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