Grace and Truth

A New Chapter for Grace & Truth

Every time the calendar turns over, it brings about change.

So as everything around us is changing, so is Grace and Truth.

If you missed Aimee’s post last week, she has decided to step back and resign from being a hostess. It’s what’s right for her at this season in her life.

Aimee brought both Maree and me on as Grace and Truth hostesses, so it won’t be quite the same without her here. But we will press forward.

There will be more changes in the weeks to come as we bring in new hosts. For now, if you could update any of your links to point to either Embracing the Unexpected or Candidly Christian, that would be great.

Remember, we only feature posts who link back to one of the host blogs.

There was a post I really wanted to feature alongside my announcement of Aimee’s resignation today, but I couldn’t find a link back (and I spent a lot of time looking). So we don’t just say that. You can find more information about adding a link back here.

Grab a Badge & Link Back to this Post

You can download the image below and upload it to your site, or use the html code provided to display the Grace & Truth badge on the sidebar of your blog, at the bottom of your post, or on a “link-ups” page. Again, this isn’t required to link-up, but it is required to be featured.

Grace & Truth Link Up
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  1. I’ve had the same experience where I’m really excited about a wonderful post to feature and then…. no backlink anywhere. Disappointing for sure. I’m grateful for your reminder.

    My friends, there are many ways to do this and if you have questions please reach out to either of us. I’m really looking forward to the beautiful content and special friends I find here every week 🙂

    1. It is! I was so excited about the post I had picked out. And then I spent all my time looking for the link. I even checked on two different days (thinking it was because I was on my phone that I couldn’t find it). And then I didn’t have time to look for another one.

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