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Grace And Truth For When You Don’t Measure Up

The dreaded comparison trap.

We’ve all been snared by it.

Worse, there have been times when we know we don’t measure up. When we compare ourselves to others and we find ourselves lacking.

It’s just as easy to do this online as bloggers as it is in day-to-day life.

  • You look at another blogger and see their pretty graphics.
  • While reading through a post, you feel a touch of envy at their carefully crafted prose.
  • You can’t figure out how to get more traffic to your the blog you pour your heart and soul into, and it seems like they don’t even have to try.
  • Their post was featured this week, and you were really hoping this time it would be yours…

I hear you. Mainly because I am you. It’s so easy to let Satan slip in and get a foothold.

There are times when I know simply don’t measure up. That if you compared me to someone else, I would be found wanting. That’s part of the reason why I was so excited to come across Barbara’s post in last week’s link-up.

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Barbara wrote the most in-depth post I have ever read about comparing ourselves to others. Here’s one paragraph that really stuck out:

We won't always measure up & that's okay...

“Someone will always be better than us in every aspect of our lives: better-looking, better cooks, better writers, better home managers, etc. That’s no reason for dismay. We will be better than some in those aspects, too. That’s no reason for pride.”

I highly encourage you to hop on over to Barbara’s website, Stray Thoughts, and read the rest of her post.

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  1. Great post. The wiles of ‘self’ are amazingly cunning. So many times it wants us to focus on others rather than God and we do get sucked into the comaprison trap. Nasty thing that ‘self’. When we are doing well ‘self’ wants everyone to look at us. When we are dooing poorly ‘self’ looks at everyone else. Pride and self-pity. Yikes, what a dangerous combo.

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