My Coffee Date With Jesus

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  1. I am also one to let my self-care wane. I’m trying to improve, but honestly, I think God wants me to focus more on diving into His word. I don’t know where or how to start. My prayer time and Bible reading is very minimal and feels stale. I just plain don’t want to get up earlier than my toddlers because I’m tired, and trying to do it at night is a joke. I need to get with it, though, because spiritual growth isn’t going to happen by spontaneous combustion. I need know I need to put forth some effort, then God will meet me there.

    Thanks for the post! It was a reminder to get on track. He loves me and wants to talk to me.

    1. That’s amazing awareness! I know that I tend to think that I need to set up a formal appointment with the Lord, carving out 30, 40, 60 minutes with him in order for it to “count”, but that’s just not the case. I whole-heartedly believe that he delights in the little moments that I steal away with him in between meetings or driving from one location to another. He does love you so much and he celebrates in the moments that you do spend with him!

  2. I love how you are in awe about each person you saw, our uniqueness and God’s love for each one of us. God has been teaching me recently about trusting His still, quiet voice rather than trusting our emotion or our logic. He speaks from our spirit because that’s where He resides.

    1. I’m learning to trust his voice too! It’s such a beautiful learning process, isn’t it? Daily I’m having to learn to trust his Spirit because most of the time it defies my logical brain that I want to follow. We sure do serve a great God!

  3. When I go to coffee shops, I usually wind up in a long faith conversation with a random stranger. Our God is a Funny One, isn’t He? 😉

  4. God did have something potent for you to say after all!
    I am looking at grace which is the word God keeps impressing upon me.
    Practically… I believe is giving grace not just to others but to my short comings.
    Often we neglect that all important grace in caring for ourselves! 😉

    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cuppa,

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