Learning How To Love

Learning How To Love Because It’s Worth It…

You’re doing it wrong. You have no idea how to love.

You watch the movies, read the romances. Have been on this earth for a few decades, yet you have no clue how to love?

These words have been whispered into my ears for years. A nagging feeling that has lingered. I was missing some sort of gene that let me love how everyone else does and allowed people to know how I cared for them.

How do you love?

A simple touch of the hand, was it enough? A kiss goodnight. Words of “I love you”. But there had to be more.

Damaged goods. Dating, boys, what happened to make me this way? We’ve all been through some stuff, haven’t we?

Then I heard about the “Five Love Languages.”

Learning to love because it's worth it... #ChristianLiving

And realized people love differently… in all sorts of ways. And it’s not just physical or spoken, but sometimes in the underlying small gestures such as going out of your way to help someone when they’re tired or extending yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with who you are.

So… if you think you’re doing it wrong. Think again.

Learning How To Love

Love the way you feel comfortable. That doesn’t mean you can’t try new ways to show your significant other love. I think we should all dabble in each of the love languages.

In the end, we’re all a little damaged. The world has a way of rubbing its taint across our brows. Tears have been shed, hearts broken, pieces lost.

Thank you, Jesus, that when we ask for Your help, You do gently guide us; show us how to love and can even fill our hearts with love where none existed the night before.

You know how to love. Each of us is different and how is unique to you. There isn’t one pattern. We are all so awesomely different.

Love is amazing.

It’s worth every ache and pain. The breathless moments of life are surrounded by love. We look back on them and gasp with wonder at what we’ve held and we look forward to the moments we can do so again.

Live for them actually.

The breathless moments of life are surrounded by love and they are worth every ache and pain of the heartache love carries with it… Share on X
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