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When was the last time you praised God?

Was it in church?

Perhaps during your prayer time?

Maybe you were singing along to Christian radio?

Amy Jung from is nearing the end of a series on one of my favorite classics, The Practice of the Presence of God, by Brother Lawrence

In case you haven’t heard of him, Brother Lawrence was a 17th-century monk in Paris. He explained how he maintained an incredible level of intimacy with our Savior in his beautifully written 77-page book.

And isn’t that ultimately what we all want? Intimacy with Jesus? 

The foundation of Brother Lawrence’s book is that since the Holy Spirit lives within us, we don’t have to wait for church a designated prayer time to abide with Jesus. 

Praise and Adore Jesus, Anytime, Anywhere…

More than anything, Candidly Christian exists to point readers to Jesus, and Amy does exactly that in her post The Fourth Way to Practice the Presence of God... Even if You’re Busy.

In the challenges and in the blessings.  I want to adore Jesus. Yes, I want to petition him, but I also want to thank and praise and adore. As it glorifies Him, it fortifies us with the truths that strengthen us. 

Amy Jung

Amy’s post reminded me of two things: First, as I praise Him, He strengthens me. But more importantly, the time I spend with Jesus should be more about Him than me. 

Stop whatever you're doing, right now. Praise and adore Jesus for who He is, even if just for a moment. Share on X

Read Amy’s post, and then please stop for a moment, and just praise Jesus for who He is.

Seeking Jesus because of Jesus

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  1. I have been loving Amy’s series on Brother Lawrence’s book also. What a perfect time, in the midst of all this current chaos in the world, to pause and worship God. He is still sovereign over us all. Blessings to you and Amy this week.

    1. It’s always a perfect time to pause and worship God, and especially when we don’t feel like it. Thanks for visiting us today and for commenting today, BettieG! Blessings to you and your family and stay safe, neighbor.

  2. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to praise God in person with my church family, but I’m grateful for online gatherings, and of course being able to praise God anywhere anytime on our own. Such crazy times for sure!

    I’ve enjoyed Amy’s series too. One of my favorite books!

    1. It’s hard being away from other Christians, but I am also so grateful for the internet. If this had happened when we were young, we’d just be alone. I think of that often when I struggle and it always lifts me to count our blessings. Thanks so much for visiting us, Lisa!

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