Creation and Beyond

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  1. I love this, Sarah! It amazes me also how the universe was simply born from God’s word. And He gave us some of His power in scripture. I don’t think most of us truly realize the power of Scripture, but I do know that when I speak it or even listen to it, the room changes.
    Oh- And I wish I could be as obedient and trusting as the light. Stop asking questions and just BE because He said so.

  2. Thank you Sarah! This is exactly what I needed today. This part really stood out to me “The creation story helps me to have faith that God’s word is true, binding, and irrevocable, even when the world doesn’t look as I wish it to. ”

    With so much going on in the world , especially at this time, we can feel overwhelmed, drained, and weak – though we love God. This wonderful reminder that He hasn’t changed, no matter what’s happening in our lives right now is so encouraging.

  3. Man has wasted a lot of time and imagination trying to figure out how the universe came to be when God has already told us. What we believe about creation tells us everything about who we believe God is. I love the book of Genesis beginning with the creation story!

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