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Grace & Truth To Turn Holiday Stress Into Christmas Worship

Do the demands of this season feel more like an invitation to stress than an invitation to worship?

Stacey Pardoe felt anxious until she remembered that “Advent is a season of fixing our eyes on the coming Christ.” 

How to Turn Holiday Stress into Christmas Worship- A Grace and Truth Link Up Share on X
How to turn holiday stress into Christmas worship

Between medical stuff, drama around me, and Christmas, I’ve been stress-eating like calories aren’t even a thing. Heather’s book “Christmas is Coming” lovingly turned my attention from my mess to the manger, but turmoil over my to-do list still loomed. 

But thanks to Stacey’s post 4 Practical Ways to Transform Christmas Stress into Christmas Worship, I enjoyed holiday tasks this week.

It was all a matter of a Sacramental attitude. Wrapping presents and decorating the tree aren’t sacraments, but Stacey has many practical suggestions to help you cherish and enjoy holiday tasks with a similar mindfulness.

Stacey told me she almost didn’t write this post, but it kind of “exploded” out of her. Stacey, the Holy Spirit gave you beautiful gift that will certainly bless many, just as you’ve hoped. And your obedience in writing it is a precious gift to Him.

Christmas is coming, along with the promise that Jesus’ grace and truth are sufficient for any season. So worship Him as you prepare. So head over to to find out how to transform your holiday tasks into worship.

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4 Practical Ways to Transform Christmas Stress into Christmas Worship

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