You are God's Masterpiece

3 Important Truths You Need To Know As God’s Creation

A designer creates.

A designer creates things that he takes pleasure and glory in. He creates things that he loves. He creates things that take his name and his mark. He creates in essence, himself.

A designer takes the image in his heart and mind and he creates that. He doesn’t stop creating until he gets what he sees. He sees the end of the creation and works to create that. He is not satisfied until it is his mirror image.

No designer gets pleasure in creating something that is not finished or complete.

Think about this as I have described it. God is our creator. What did He create you to be? What part or parts of Himself did He put in you? You are unique and more so just as an artist creates His creation.

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3 Important Truths You Need To Know As God’s Creation

As women, for whatever reason, we tend to compare ourselves to others. We tend to forget that we are unique and special. We tend to look at other women and see what we don’t have and want to have as if we are not good enough.

Here are several keys to remember about a designer of anything and the God in you.

1.) You Are Not A Disappointment

The Designer (God) is never disappointed in His creation; even if it looks unfinished. It just means that He is not finished yet. He just keeps working on it until he gets the vision that He sees in His eye.

3 important truths you need to know as God's creation

I remember going through this line of thinking about myself. Always asking God what is wrong with me. Nothing. Nothing is really wrong. It may be that I am just finished. There are things God is still working out in you and me.

The designer creates.

Our Father, the Designer, created you. He is working on you to create you into His image. The image in His heart.

2.) You Are Loved By Your Creator

Another key is that the designer (God) is never creating something that He doesn’t love or invest in.

Even if to the world you look broken, you are not. Even if you are handicapped in some way, you are made in His image that way. It is perfect. The Creator creates. I used to think that divorce broke me. That is ruined me in some way. That is took something from me.

What about you? What view of the world have you adopted about how the Creator invested in you or doesn’t love you. Stop it.

God loves you because He created you.

3.) You Are Not Complete

Lastly, the creator or Designer (God) is not satisfied until you are finished. God never starts anything He doesn’t finish. Never.

The Designer fearfully and wonderfully made you and is making you every day. The Designer has a blueprint and the blueprint is Jesus. He is making you into His Son’s image and likeness. You look like Him.

The Designer creates.

Even if you looked unfinished or unpolished, He is not done. He is not finished. He will keep you on His wheel until He is ready for you to come off and be featured to the world.

At no time does the creation tell the creator what it should look like. That would be rude. That would be absurd. The creation doesn’t have the blueprint or the image. Does he?

The Designer Creates

He is taking pleasure in His handiwork. He steps back and takes a look sometimes at a distance. He is perfecting, seeing what needs to be changed. He is looking at His blueprint and then looking at you.

The Creator creates. The Designer is cutting, tweaking, purging, draining, twisting, poking, breaking and molding you. What is He cutting, tweaking, purging from you today? Don’t get off His wheel or from under His handiwork.

The Designer creates. He is leaving His mark, His essence in you, His creation.

When He is finished you will look like the blueprint. You will be the image of His Son. You will be His glory. You will be what He sees and nothing else.

You are His masterpiece.

"The Designer creates. He is leaving His mark, His essence in you, His creation." Click To Tweet
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  1. This hit me about 100 different ways this morning, Stephanie. In the beginning of your post, I felt the love and how much of myself I put into something I write and I imagine God creating me- all of us- with that same love, except I know it’actually a bajillion times more. And I’ve been fighting with #2 the last few weeks, too. Thanks so much for this encouragement this morning.

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