Grace and Truth at the Feet of Jesus

Mary was at it again.

Following Jesus where she didn’t belong.

Once, she had even left her sister to do everything while she simply sat at the feet of Jesus.

Now, here she was–again–at the feet of Jesus while Martha served. But this time she wasn’t content to just sit. She was pouring out her heart through tears, using them, her hair, and some of the special oil she had been saving, to wash our Master’s feet.

At the Feet of Jesus

But it wasn’t her place.

The costly oil surely had a better purpose.

And what about Martha?

I’m sure all these thoughts and more circled around the table above her sobs. But Jesus? He told everyone there to leave her alone.

Mary was always welcome at the feet of Jesus.

And so are we.

Because the feet of Jesus is never the wrong place to be.

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This is an edited excerpt of a devotion I’ll be sharing next Wednesday on Facebook. I’m part of a writers’ club that will be hosting a Passion Week Celebration. So when I stumbled upon Deborah’s post about Mary worshipping at the feet of Jesus, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to share it with you as well.

Deborah’s post is a short, must-read, by the way. I mean, we can never spend too much time at the feet of Jesus.

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Worship: At the Feet of Jesus

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Start Your Year

At the Feet of Jesus

One of my favorite people in all of Scripture is Mary of Bethany. She had a heart for Jesus like none other. We first meet her in Luke 10, sitting at the feet of Jesus. Later, in John 12, Mary returns to the feet of Jesus, dousing them with expensive perfume and wiping them clean with her hair.

While Mary is my favorite person in the Bible, I started to wonder about others who spent time at the feet of Jesus. My name is Heather Hart, and I would love to invite you to sit at the feet of Jesus with me in my newest devotional book, At the Feet of Jesus.

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