Becoming women of grace

Becoming Women of Grace

I finally had a moment to myself.

I was all alone, mindlessly browsing the aisles of a local department store. It was not a high-end store, but I didn’t care in that moment. After the week I had, I’m a mom of four here, I was in heaven.

A unicorn toy sitting on a shelf, out of place, caught my eye. I knew my five-year-old foster daughter would love it. I grabbed it, tossed it in the cart and continued enjoying the peace and quiet. As I weaved in and out of the aisles, my mind went back to her behavior that day and the days before. Her behavior, as a result from trauma, was the very reason I needed this break in a local Walmart of all places. So I stayed on that thought and on what had transpired as a result of her actions. I found myself, inadvertently, taking the unicorn toy out of my cart and placing it back on the shelf. Even though I knew she would love it, in my mind, she did not deserve it. 

Have you ever found yourself doing this? Wanting to do something special for someone but you change your mind because of their behavior, their actions, or their decisions. 

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The struggle with grace - can you relate?

God’s Grace

But they found the stone rolled away from the tomb.

Luke 24:2 NKJV

Over the days to follow, my mind was stuck on the empty tomb. I couldn’t help but think about Jesus. Early that morning, before the sun came up and Mary found the tomb empty. I couldn’t help but think that His mind was reminded of my sin. He, knowing how down right shameful I am, did not change His mind and stay in that tomb. Instead, He chose grace. He gave me something that I didn’t deserve based upon my actions, nor could I ever earn or pay back. Still yet, He rolled the stone anyway.

Grace – Greek word “Charis” meaning; grace, kindness, and life. 

I can never give the magnitude of what Jesus gave in rolling that stone away. His grace gave me eternal life. However, this lesson allowed me to see how extremely lacking I am in grace and how much I struggle to give it. 

The Struggle with Grace

Maybe you my friend can relate…..

I often strive for perfection, fail, and struggle to show myself grace. 

My kids act despicable and, if I’m honest here, I don’t want to give them grace. 

My friend lets me down and my disappointment hinders me from showing her grace. 

Someone hurts my kids and grace is the last thing I could possibly give them. 

My husband snaps at me and instead of grace, I find myself holding a grudge for days. 

Jesus rolled away the stone, and so can you...

Becoming Women of Grace

Grace is hard for me, maybe it is for you too. But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it and strive to do better.

It’s a daily battle for me, and I don’t have all the answers on this. Yet what I do know is for certain: because of Jesus choosing to roll that stone away, I can, through Him, become a woman of grace. So, when I find myself struggling to show grace, I now remind myself of this: He rolled the stone anyway Erika, and so should you.

Love you friends,

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About the Erika Baily

Erika is the founder of The Round Farmhouse Ministries. She is married to Travis and they live at the round farmhouse with their four children. Erika loves to dig into God’s Word and make texts centuries old applicable today. Through her writings, she hopes to teach you more about God’s Word, make you laugh, and possibly shed a tear or two (happy tears of course). She prays that what she writes is relatable, encouraging, and brings you closer to the Lord as a result.


    1. Thank you for your honesty in relating to my struggle here. I’m thankful that because of Christ, we can extend grace too- even when it’s hard. Thanks for reading.

  1. One of the teachings I picked up from Proverbs 31 Ministries is “We give grace because we so desperately need it for ourselves.”

    I, too, have to be mindful of my decisions to give or hold back on giving grace. When I remember that God gave me grace I didn’t deserve, I have no right to hold it back from someone else. God will give to me according to how I give to others, that is pretty strong motivation to think twice for me. ❤

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