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Grace and Truth So I’m Free To Be Me…

Have you ever felt afraid to be yourself?

You probably didn’t think of it that way, but you just act a certain way around certain people. You know, because it’s more acceptable. You want to fit in…

Maybe it’s not so much your actions, but it’s in the close you wear, or the words you say. You know you can’t say certain things around certain people.

I’m not referring to being respectful (we should all be respectful), I’m talking about people-pleasing. Sometimes we get wrapped up in it without even knowing we are doing it.

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And that’s where Gretchen found herself in the story she opened her blog post with last week. I hope you’ll hop over and check it out. It’s definitely worth reading. She talks about how we can break free from people-pleasing and even offers some reflection questions at the end.

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Free To Be Me!

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