Dealing with Depression: 4 Things God Taught Me

Depression is not fun. But what debilitating disease is? Oh, and by the way depression is debilitating. I know too well of its pain and destruction. If I were to be honest, I can say I hate depression. I hate it in other people because the grip of it is so strong and causes a lot of destruction before you get out of it.

But depression is not too hard for God. He is the God that shatters depression and any other mind binding thoughts we have.

There are so many causes for depression which I don’t want to get into here. Instead, I want to share with you how you can push back against depression and live. Yes, you must try to fight back against depression, or it will win. You must have even the smallest desire to have your life back.

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I think one of the hardest things about depression for some is when you are depressed you keep trying to get back to the life you used to know and feel. The life where everything you do wasn’t a struggle. But that feels so hard. Almost impossible.

I had never been depressed in my life until marriage problems surfaced several years ago. When you have never been in depression then to find yourself there is quite a change. When my depression was at its worse, I used to live in my master bedroom closet. Why there?

Because it was the furthest place I could run to and not leave my children or home. I wanted to run away. I wanted to die. I wanted to go somewhere anywhere but where I was at.

Depression hurts. The closet was the place I could go to and scream and cry. But little did I know it was the place where I met God.

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Every time I ran to the closet I ran to Jesus. It was where I felt safe. It was my lifeline for years. As I went there, God began to talk to me about my depression and how to overcome it. I want to share some of that with you so that you know you can come out of that darkness and back into a thriving life of enjoying your kids, family, friends, and more.

4 Things God Taught Me About Dealing with Depression

Key things to remember about depression God taught me are connected to an acronym He gave me called T.A.S.K.

1.) Temporary

The way I feel is temporary. Your depression is temporary. Never forget that. God told me on several occasions that this was not my end. He would tell me how He was going to heal me and set my mind free from the horrible thoughts. Because depressed people think horrible thoughts over and over and they think them on a daily basis.

2.) Always

Always do something good for someone else when you are feeling bad. This was a good one. I had to be intentional about finding someone to bless on the days I felt so bad. You will too. Look at the person in line in front of you, the friend, the child at church, the neighbor or cashier. Bless someone and be intentional about it.

3.) Stop

Stop looking at trigger television. When you are depressed, you can sometimes be triggered by other things or people. A lot of that can come from television. If certain shows bring you to a certain emotional place you may want to cut that out of your life. Feed your life, life. Watch things that uplift and nourish your mind and emotions.

4.) Keep Going

Never give up on God or yourself. No matter how bad you feel in your emotions in that day, do not give up on yourself. You are important. You have value. He would literally tell me to keep going. Get out of bed, get dressed, make dinner. God would encourage me even in my baby steps when I wanted to quit. You will want to quit but don’t.

The result, after many years of depression, Bible school, and obedience to Him, I did come out of depression. I did feel better and so will you. Depression is a dark tunnel but with God there is light at the end of that path. God never leaves us nor forsakes us, and He will never leave you. There is hope for healing from depression.

Remember, nothing is too hard for God. Nothing.

Remember, nothing is too hard for God. Nothing. Click To Tweet

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