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White Noise, Blind Spots, and This Weeks Grace & Truth Link-Up

You’ve heard of white noise before, right?

It’s the noise that’s in the background. Ambient noise that can’t be isolated and is easily ignored.

Kind of like the sound of a fan, cars on a highway, or maybe even birds and other outdoor creatures.

There is almost always some sort of white noise surrounding us, but in addition to the things we hear without really hearing, there are things around us we see without really seeing.

Blind spots in our vision.

We all have one blindspot built into our eye. It’s at the point where our optic nerve meets our retina, right at the center of our eye. Our eye just ignores it.

There is actually a way to get your eye to see it. My eye doctor did it with me a couple of years ago, it was pretty neat.

But what I really wanted to talk about were our spiritual blind spots. Sarah brought them up in her post last week called, “How to See Your Blind Spots.”

Because, we all have spiritual blind spots. Even if we don’t want to admit them (which is why we need to stop praying it safe).

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How to See Your Blind Spots

How to see your spiritual blind spots...

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