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You Are Not Alone… We All Struggle With Something

I sat in Bible study amazed at what I was hearing.

The woman who was leading was confessing something she had struggled with for years. She said it was really hard for her to share, but God had really pressed it on her heart that someone in the room needed to hear it.

That someone was me.

Several months ago I had been in a situation where I needed to talk to someone about that very struggle, but I didn’t know who to turn to.

I wasn’t the one who was struggling personally, and I didn’t feel like I could talk to just anyone. I needed someone trustworthy, someone who would really understand the depth of the struggle. Someone very close to me was in a bad place and my heart was hurting, but I didn’t know how to help. Or even if I could.

When we share our struggles, we encourage one another and build each other up.I felt alone.

Her confession, while months later, was a balm to my soul.

I hadn’t even realized how much that wound still hurt. The event was in the past, but the pain was still very real. I was still struggling, even if it wasn’t a day-by-day, minute-by-minute struggle to keep going.

Sometimes struggles are like that.

The drama fades away, but the pain remains.

What my friend offered me that day was more than healing though. More than friendship and camaraderie. She offered me hope.

She had been through it, and come out okay.

Yes, she still struggled, but she knew how to fight her struggle with God’s Word and she shared that with me. That’s the hope she gave me. And that’s a hope I could share with my loved one if their struggle ever resurfaced.

I was no longer feeling helpless, but I was armed with the Word of God.

I will forever be grateful for her obedience to get candid and share her struggle. Even though I know it was hard. Because when we share our struggles as Christian women, we encourage one another and build each other up in a mighty way.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”fpEax” via=”yes” ]When we share our struggles, we encourage one another and build each other up.[/ctt]

Introducing Candid Conversations

On that note, I am excited to announce the release of our new book, Candid Conversations.

So often, like I did, we feel like we face our struggles alone. In Candid Conversations, you’ll hear stories from 26 Christian women who weren’t afriad to get candid and share their struggles. While each author has a unique perspective, the overall theme of this book is that while we all struggle, there is hope to be found in Jesus.

Candid Conversations invites readers to join the conversation, and then take that conversation off the pages and into their every day lives.

Ladies, it’s time to get candid, because we all struggle with something.

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Here’s what early reviewers are saying:


“In a world where everyone tries to hide their struggles and scars it is refreshing to read of women who are willing to share both their struggles and how God has met them in their need.” ~ Sue, A Real Grandma of 8


“Something truly amazing happened when the authors of this book opened their hearts and shared their life experiences. I not only related to every story I read, I was also reintroduced to God’s presence, love, and grace with each one. This book brought the peace I long for in my crazy mom life.” ~ Gina Q., A Real Christian Mama

A Breath Of Fresh Air

“I love the wisdom and encouragement in this book! Such a breath of fresh air for every woman, but there’s special insight and comfort for the heart of an introvert in these pages. Highly recommend!” ~ Carolyn Leggo, A Real Christian Wife, Homeschool Mom, & Indie Editor

Candid Conversations

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  1. We need to remember we are never alone, he is always with us. sometimes that is hard to understand though but at the mention of his name he is there

  2. Sometimes it is hard to admit we need help but God does want us to be in community together. I love your reminders that we are not alone, ever.

  3. If women could be more honest about their own struggles in church circles, I believe we would all be set free. Because of embarrassment, the very stories we need to share with others never get said, and everyone continues suffering needlessly. I like the idea of your book, because those stories can be read by women’s Bible studies to open them up to sharing their own struggles.

    1. Yes! So often we give Satan the foothold he wants by living in fear, shame, and embarassment, when God says there is no condemnation for those of us in Jesus. He wants us to be free and bear one anothers burdens.

  4. Thanks so much for this reminder, Heather! It’s a beautiful reminder that we have people we can trust and lean on, but also that we have stories someone else might need to hear!

  5. This is one of the most important messages for the Church today. When we are honest and transparent about our struggles, we let others become honest and transparent about theirs–and thereby we all find healing. God bless! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’ve had a similar experience, where when someone shared their struggle I happened to be going through something similar and it was very encouraging to know I wasn’t alone. After all, we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! (Rev. 12:11)

  7. It is sad that as Christians we feel the need to hold back our struggles. We feel we need to have it all together for some reason. The result is we end up alone in our pain. I can certainly relate. However, there are those times we open up and share and are met with compassion and grace. Then there are those times we are also met with judgment and condemnation. It’s the second that I think most fear. I have experienced both. No matter what happens, when we open up, we help someone. It’s good to note how we should respond when one does have the courage to share their deepest pain and hurt. The first response is always the right response. I cannot wait to read the book! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Marcie! It is hard when we share our struggles and pain and someone responds with something other than then love of Jesus, and that does happen. But thankfully, Jesus is with us even then, and He sees us through that pain, too.

  8. Hi Heather!

    Sure we do; all of us struggle with something. This was a relevant blog post because it’s about something that I think a lot about these days. What you write about here is the key to relation-building. We can only do that by sharing something about our struggles.

    You nailed it when you said you got hope from that person; that’s what it’s all about.

    Best wishes for the new book!

    Edna Davidsen

  9. Thank you. I can’t tell you how I’ve been blessed when other women have followed God’s leading to open up about their struggles. It reminds me constantly to listen for God’s leading in being vulnerable and open myself. Beautiful post.

  10. Beautiful. Candid conversations. We, as women, need to have them more often. I love the friends that God has blessed me with because we have become a tight group of women who have become sisters and these type of moments are so precious that we share. As a whole, we, as women, need to share in candid conversations to uplift and help deliver one another, as often as we can.

    Much success with the book! I’m super happy to have found you at the Grace and Truth linky party!

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