A Grace & Truth Link Up with 3 Reasons to Praise God When You Don't Feel Like It

Grace & Truth For When You’d Rather Be Mad

Valerie, your husband called. He said you’ve been cranky the last two weeks. He loves you and he’s concerned and a little bit frustrated. So I wrote this post to help you shift your focus upward rather than inward. I pray that it blesses you (and your husband).

This is what I heard when I read Three Reasons to Praise God When You Don’t feel like it. I guess you could say that today’s featured post spoke to me.

A Grace & Truth Link Up with 3 Reasons to Praise God When You Don't Feel Like It Click To Tweet
A Grace & Truth Link Up with 3 Reasons to Praise God When You Don't Feel Like It

‘Tis the season to be grateful and praise God for sending His only Son to save us. But some of us would rather be mad. 

  • Are you angry for what you’ve lost?
  • Do you resent what they did to you?
  • Are you cranky about a recent diagnosis? 

As Christians, we discreetly tuck such ugliness under the emotional rug. But my friend, you’re not alone. 

The truth is that no mask or rug can hide your heart from Jesus, and His grace is sufficient for all circumstances.

Karen reminded me to trust His greater plan and offer a sacrifice of praise to the God who sacrificed everything for me.

Your poor nerves will soften after visiting Karen Del Tatto’s post on Growing Together in Grace and Knowledge. And your husband and children will be glad you did. 

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Three Reasons to Praise God When You Don’t Feel Like It

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    1. Hi Rebecca, more and more I’m learning that His grace is always sufficient, no matter how we feel. Thanks so much for commenting and for linking up this week 🙂

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