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What If You Rest in Jesus, Grace & Truth

Probably benign” the letter said. And yes—it was in bold font—as though the physician wanted to be certain I didn’t miss the uncertainty in my ultrasound results. The letter continued, “Further evaluation is needed in 6 months to monitor…” 

I scolded the innocent messenger, “That’s wonderful! Thank you for that!”  

My second-post cancer mammogram led to an ultrasound. The radio-oncologist explained the new lump looks like scar tissue, but only time will tell. I was just glad he wasn’t scheduling a biopsy and forgot about it.  

I knew the letter was coming, but seeing it in print this afternoon kinda hit me, reminding me of yet another layer of uncertainty added to my cancer journey. I’m learning that even though the doctors say you’re cancer-free, it’s never really over.  

And in this exact moment, I had to pause from writing this post to take a call from the county health nurse. My daughter’s best friend had dinner and spent several hours with us on Saturday, and yesterday she tested positive.  

What if You Rest in Jesus, Grace & Truth

Covid round 2, here we come—maybe, or maybe not.  

Uncertainty is a thing, isn’t it? 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that I can’t entertain the “what-ifs.”   

It was a long, grueling lesson where the what-ifs stole my sanity for many years, but not anymore. Now, anxiety is comparatively brief and minor. 

I needed the reminder today that God is on my side, so I can rest in His comfort, direction, grace, and peace regardless of my situation.  

I was going to end this post by asking you if there are “what-ifs” in your world today, but I’d rather you consider this: 

What if you rest in Jesus’ comfort, direction, grace, and peace? 

You can start by reading today’s featured post by Lois Flowers, How To Calm The Anxious What-Ifs.  

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How To Calm The Anxious What-Ifs

How to calm the anxious what ifs
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  1. Uncertainty is certainly everywhere these days. I know it has always been with us, but our modern society had tamed it somewhat. And even now still, to some degree. But as I reflect on Uncertainty this year as my One Word, I agree with you that it comes down to this: “What if you rest in Jesus’ comfort, direction, grace, and peace?” That’s what I want to do (but I don’t always do it, sigh). I loved Lois’s post too. Good stuff here and there!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I fail at this more often than not, but thankfully Jesus is always waiting for us to come back to Him.

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