A Year in Review

Top Candid Posts from 2020

Can you believe this crazy year is coming to a close?

Does anyone else want to dance a little jig or say an “amen”?

2021 kicks off early Friday morning, but before we leave 2020 in the past, we wanted to share some of our favorite posts from the year. Because 2020 wasn’t all bad.

Yes we struggled, but we also grew.

We experienced ups and downs, but we knew we were never alone.

Our Top Posts From 2020

I don’t know where today finds you, but here are a few of our favorite Candid posts from 2020. There wasn’t an exact algorithm we used to choose the posts this year, but we looked at a variety of aspects and went from there.

Here are just a few of the things we looked at:

  • Post response: Comments, shares, emails, people who stopped us on the street to comment about it (it happens).
  • Page views: Some of the posts on our website bring a ton of traffic our way. They might never get a comment, and it doesn’t look they are getting shared, but somewhere somehow, they are getting seen and resonating with other Christian women.
  • And last, but not least, the posts that impacted us the most. Some of the posts we have written are so special to our own hearts. Or to the hearts of the other Candid Gals. And we wanted to make sure to include some of those.

I also want to mention that the Candidly Christian ministry wouldn’t be possible without you. Every time you share a post, you help us shine the spotlight on Jesus. Every Candid Gal writes from her heart, but without you, our message is muzzled. Thank you for sharing our message of Jesus’ love. 

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Our goal was to include one post from each of our current Candid Gals and one guest blogger. We’ve had so many encouraging posts this year, all of them written by talented authors who love Jesus. We are highlighting posts written and published in 2020 and the posts are listed in alphabetical order by the first name of the Candid Gals who wrote them.

I hope you enjoy seeing these posts again just as much as we enjoyed going back through them.

Top Posts from 2020 on Candidly Christian - Real Women | Real Life | Real Faith

6 Prayers That Will Rock Your Spiritual Life

With Heather Hart

What can the book of Job teach us about our prayer life? I share more in this post, “6 Prayers that Will Rock Your Spiritual Life”

Click here to read more.

3 Simple Exercises to Calm Your Nerves

With Jaime Hampton

With emotions running high, it can be easy to assume the worst. To pass judgement without knowing the facts… It’s easy to become a hater. Candid Gal, Jaime Hampton shares more in this post…

Click here to read more.

3 Ways to Rest in Jesus in the Midst of a Storm

Jessica Lyn Schnieder

With Jessica Schneider

We all experience storms in our lives, as well as the emotional aftermath of those storms. Jessica shares 3 truths that helped her rest in Jesus through the emotional aftermath of a storm in her home.

Click here to read more.

The Oil Lamp

Laura Marshall

With Laura J. Marshall

Before the glitter of Christmas was put away, Laura sat quietly on the couch and thought about purpose. She shares more in this devotional.

Click here to read more.

Stopping the Cycle of Apathy

Sarah Callen

With Sarah Callen

Apathy. Have you ever felt apathetic? If so, you are not alone. Sarah shares her personal struggle with apathy and the steps she takes to overcome it in this post.

Click here to read more.

How Do You Fight Your Invisible Monster?

With Sheila Schweiger-Rhodes

2020 was marked by a global pandemic. The invisible monster left us reeling. Never knowing what was safe. Did we choose to live in fear, or was refusing to comply putting others in danger? The invisible monster was definitely real. Sheila shares three tips for fighting the fear of the unknown in this post.

Click here to read more.

5 Things I Learned When Life Was Hard

Sherry Chamblee

With Sherry Chamblee

Life is hard. But even when life is hard, God is still there. In this post, Sherry shares five things God taught her when life was hard.

Click here to read more.

Do Not Be Conformed to This World

With Stephanie M. Carter

It’s time to get real about your faith, our lives and our future in God. The Bible says “Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed…”

Click here to read more.

8 Tangible Ways to Cast Your Cares on Jesus

With Valerie Riese

Jesus cares for you and He wants to take your burden. But do you know how to cast your cares upon Jesus? If the command to cast your cares is a bit obscure for you too, I hope sharing my search for knowledge will equip you with a blueprint for peace through the One who cares for you.

Click here to read more.

We All Need Undeserved Grace

Theresa Bodecker

With Candid Guest, Theresa Boedecker

In this guest post, Theresa Boedecker shares six lessons her relationship with her daughter has taught her about God.

Click here to read more.

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Do you have a favorite Candidly Christian post from 2020? We’d love to hear what it is, so comment below!

Oh and by the way, on Friday we shared our favorite featured posts from the Grace & Truth link-up from 2020. You can find those here.

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Christian Books Published By The Candid Gals in 2020

Thankful by Sarah Callen
The Sojourner Prayer Journal
Behold by Sarah Callen

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