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Do you ever feel left out or forgotten? Like if you disappeared the whole world would just go on without you? Okay, maybe your family needs you, but your church family wouldn’t notice, or your work place wouldn’t care? Maybe your school or your friends wouldn’t take note? Or maybe it’s your extended family that overlooks you?

Have you ever felt that way? Like you have nothing to offer?

No matter what, God always sees me... #GraceandTruth

Tucked away in the pages of Genesis there is a woman named Hagar. I have always had a special place for Hagar in my heart. No, she wasn’t perfect (none of us are), but she was forced into a marriage bed, and then forced to leave home.

When all hope was lost. When everyone on Earth had turned their backs and she was crying alone in the desert, that’s when she learned she was never alone.

The God Who Sees Me

And because of that soul-crushing moment, from that woman named Hagar, we have one of the most wonderful, most reassuring names of God in all of history: El-Roi, The God Who Sees Me.

Personally, I have clung to that promise a million times over the years. So thankful that no matter what I face, I can know without a shadow of a doubt that God. Sees. Me.

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All this is what came to my mind while I was reading Janet’s post, “What a Beautiful Name.” I do hope you’ll hop over and check it out. In addition to some great insight, she also shares some beautiful artwork, and a song at the end.

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  1. Thanks for featuring “What a Beautiful Name” Heather. What wonderful reassurances we find in God’s Word…nothing goes unnoticed by our compassionate God.

  2. Heather, God bless you sis! What a beautiful reminder this post is that we are never alone. El-Roi, a beautiful name indeed!

    When we are in the middle of the storm and the waves are crashing and the noise is so loud we can’t hear anything – to know we are seen by Almighty God and it’s all going to be okay, wow. What a comforting knowledge that is.

    Sometimes the people who should “see” us the most are the ones who care the least. The woundings this can leave in a heart are deep and painful. A much needed healing balm this is. Blessings to you & yours! <3

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