Take refuge in the rock
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Take Refuge in The Rock

From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 61:2

Does your heart feel overwhelmed? Do you feel without strength and weak? Maybe like your heart just can’t take anymore?

Grief, sadness, fear, doubt, insecurities, the never-ending stream of bad news that never seems to end. All these can lead to our hearts feeling very overwhelmed. Our hearts can feel faint, and weak. And maybe like if “one more thing happens, you will drown.”

The rock that is higher than I is a place of safety and refuge. It is a place where you are out of reach when your heart is weak. 

It is a place that is closer to the “Son.”

In this Psalm from David, his heart was overwhelmed. But the first thing David does in this psalm is ask God to hear his cry. And then asks God to lead him to the rock that is higher than himself, because God has been his safe refuge. He longs for God’s shelter, and cries out for His protection so that He can continually praise His name, and hold his vows to God day after day.

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Is your heart overwhelmed? Are you longing for shelter under His wing? His protection? Yet wondering how you will hold your vows to God, because of weakness.

Ask Him to hear your prayer, remember His faithfulness and strength, and may His protection give you the opportunity to continually praise His name and fulfill your vows to Him day after day.

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