Stepping Out in Faith

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  1. Ah, taking those steps of faith is scary and uncomfortable, but when we do, it is really a blessing. I love how you said, where God is calling you is the rest you seek, even if it looks like work. So often I have found when I follow Him, He gives me the rest I need even if it doesn’t seem like a restful place to be. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Whenever God prompts me to do something I don’t want to do, I buck against it for a few seconds and then always obey. That initial bucking is my flesh. I ask God to do the impossible or hard thing through me, and He does! (The reason I resist initially is that it’s hard or impossible, what God is asking. I keep forgetting that He’s the one who will do it!)

  3. Definitely finding myself in a season of asking God to clarify my priorities, and being asked to step outside of my comfort zone, but not totally sure of the specific next steps. This was such an encouragement to keep seeking and keep letting go! Thank you Laura!

  4. This can be a hard as some of the tasks God asks of us are HARD! It definitely doesn’t always feel restful but it will move us towards growth and that will help to cultivate rest in our spirit.

  5. I said “yes” to God a few years ago and then when it got hard I wanted to say no. Saying yes has grown me and lead me to step out of my comfort zone! He knows what I need!

  6. I think that sometimes God gives us choices and we can say no without fear that we are disobeying Him. But I do think that we are reluctant to leave our comfort zones. At least I know I am.

    1. That’s so true. I’m glad He is a good Father to us with so much patience. Thanks for commenting, Alice.

  7. This is so good, and comes right after i said no to something. I knew I had to, but in a small way it didn’t make sense… and I wanted to hold onto what was “seen”. But I don’t trust the “seen”, and I know He will be my refuge.

    1. Ugh. I’ve said no to, all too many times. Hope He keeps giving us chances, even if those places are scary.

  8. “For God is not looking for us to be comfortable, but building our character to make a difference in our homes, our communities, and the world.” Yes the nations are going to lift His name on High when we become the living gospels of Jesus Christ.
    And when we say, send me Lord, the coal is burning and cleansing us.

  9. I’m with you Laura! I’m a homebody, an introvert, and person of comfort. I get anxious about new surroundings and circumstances… but I am to overcome. He has overcome all of these obstacles. He made me who I am, and has guaranteed provision. He calls me, so there is provision for my answer! Thank you for your encouragement!

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